22nd October 2021

The second last edition of IMPALA's 20th anniversary programme



This October, we prepared our second last set of posts, interviews and playlists for our 20th birthday programme, available below and on our IMPALA20 blog page where you can discover all our featured items. Also this month we announced our carbon calculator we're building with Julie's Bicycle and published our annual diversity report, among other work. 
See more in our #IMPALA20 round-up below, issued as usual the week of the 20th day of the month.


IMPALA playlists

20Tracks is a series of playlists to highlight the independent sector in all its diversity. Genre and language playlists are posted every month, curated by IMPALA’s members to celebrate music in Europe today. Find the complete list here.

20Tracks #25

20Tracks#25 – IMPALA 20th anniversary #25 – 20 tracks in Italian

This playlist features 20 tracks in Italian by 20 independent artists from the last 20 years. 


20Tracks#26 – IMPALA 20th anniversary #26 – 20 folk tracks

This playlist features 20 folk music tracks by 20 artists signed to European independent record labels.


IMPALA podcast

Curated by Juliana Koranteng, key independent music figures talk about what goes on behind the scenes. This is a series of bite-sized and informative episodes hosted by Juliana in London and edited in Brussels by Romuald Dagry. In the time it takes you to to back up your computer or walk your dog, get a closer look at what moves those who shape the landscape of independent music in Europe today. Find all episodes here.

Episode 25: Dario Draštata and Nikola Jovanović

Dario Draštata and Nikola Jovanović, from RUNDA on this unique association of independents spreading across multiple national territories in the Balkans. Our guests talk about how they got started in the music industry, why they created RUNDA and what the sector looks like in the Balkans. They also talk about the complexity of their territories and why a transnational association was needed in this region. Dario and Nikola share what they’re currently working on and what’s on their playlists.

On Dario’s playlist: Arlo Parks – Collapsed in Sunbeams, Steve Gunn – Other YouGibonni – U Po’Ure

On Nikola’s playlist: Olivia Rodrigo – SOURDrake – Certified Lover Boy

Find it on SpotifyApple Podcasts, Google Podcast and Deezer.


Episode 26: Ana Rita Feijão and Sonia Durán

Ana Rita Feijão from AMAEI and Sonia Durán from UFI on developing independent conferences and awards shows on the Iberian Peninsula. Our guests talk about how they developed these events and why they were needed in these regions. Find out what benefits they bring to the local markets and how award schemes help talent to grow. Essential listening for national associations in the independent sector all across Europe. Our guests  also talk about their current projects and how impatient they are to attend live concerts again.

On Ana Rita’s playlist: For Emma by Bon Iver 

On Sonia’s playlist: Mujeres

Find it on SpotifyApple Podcasts, Google Podcast and Deezer.


Episode 27: Vick Bain and Arit Eminue

Vick Bain from vbain consulting and Arit Eminue of DiVA Apprenticeships on their careers as equity, diversity and  inclusion specialists, how they got started, as well as the projects they are currently working on. Vick and Arit give us an insight in what’s it like to deliver EDI training for IMPALA’s members, revealing why it’s important for businesses to talk about diversity with their talent, what you can do to get started and, as always, what’s on their playlists. 

On Vick’s playlist: various playlists on The F-List profileYijia

On Arit’s playlist: Leela James’s Loving You More, Olivia Rodrigo’s SOURLuther VandrossMary J. BligeMs. Lauryn HillAretha Franklin

Find it on SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcast and Deezer.


Discovery lists

How well do you know the independent music sector? IMPALA’s discovery series takes us on a journey across the whole of Europe. Each month we look at a different aspect of the sector from labels, managers, venues and much more. Discover all lists here.



 From all over Europe, meet those making a difference to the independent sector with their work on a daily basis. Below is a selection of 20 women and non-binary persons who have made a key contribution to IMPALA’s work in particular during our 20th anniversary year, in all sorts of ways. Of course, there are many others, and this list doesn’t include those already featured in another 20ThingsToKnow lists. Below is our selection in alphabetical order. 


Sammy Andrews has a long history at the forefront of the new music landscape with a background of being a concert promoter, artist manager and independent record label founder. She was one our IMPALA Campus trainers. She is founder and CEO of Deviate Digital, which made her the ideal choice to introduce participants to the world of Digital Marketing. Before setting up Deviate Digital, Sammy was head of digital departments at XIX and Cooking Vinyl Records and also joined the board at Entertainment Intelligence.


Vick Bain is IMPALA’s equity, diversity and inclusion trainer, along with Arit Eminue (see below). She is a campaigner and PhD researcher, as well as a qualified Equality, Diversity & Inclusion consultant, offering a range of diversity services for organisations in the creative sector. Don’t miss Vick's 20MinutesWith podcast episode here with Arit Eminue. Vick has 25 years of experience of working in music. She was inducted in the BBC Radio 4 Music Industry Powerlist and Women in Music Hall of Fame. She published influential research of the UK music sector called Counting the Music Industry and has established a not for profit promoting female musicians The F-List Directory of UK Female Musicians.  


Linda Coogan Byrne is a Gender Diversity & Equality Activist and CEO of Good Seed PR & Marketing. A professional musician by education, she eased her way into the music industry, enjoying the work behind the scenes and promoting gender equality along the way. Linda is also the person behind the inspiring Why Not Her campaign. Find out more about their work and life in this podcast episode. Have a look at the most recent Gender disparity data report by Why Not Her here.


Gee is on the IMPALA board as Chief Operating Officer of British association of independent record labels AIM, having moved across to the organisation in 2017 following several years in the industry, including with independent music businesses Cooking Vinyl, Essential Music and FatCat Records. She is also the chair of IMPALA’s live streaming working group and an active member of other key IMPALA working groups. Gee started out in technology, gaining a master’s degree in engineering and working briefly in the telecoms sector before following her passion into the music industry then studying music law as a mature student. Gee is passionate about facilitating the independent music industry’s continued innovation and success, and supporting its evolution in the digital age.
She was as an IMPALA podcast guest on live streaming.


Gill is on the board of IMPALA as the CEO of the newly founded AIM Ireland.
She continues to manage rising Irish pop artist Aimée. Beginning her professional career with EMI in 2003, Gill then went on to spend a number of years working with Irish independent distributor RMG Chart. She later joined Universal in Dublin, rising up the ranks to the role of Director of Digital & Business Development. Gill then embarked on a career as an independent music consultant – working with audio tech teams on commercial plans and fund raising – whilst also working as an independent artist manager.


Sonia Durán is on the board of IMPALA as the general manager of the Independent Phonographic Union (UFI) in Spain. In 2015 she created a project named “Indie Lovers”, a music website dedicated to independent music and festivals with its own radio program at Scanner FM. She has also worked in companies such La Cupula Music and Mas i Mas before joining UFI in 2019. She studied Modern Music and Jazz at the Liceo Conservatory of Barcelona. She also earned a higher degree in Sound Technology and then graduated in Marketing and Digital Communication by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Have a listen to Sonia’s podcast episode here.


Arit is the founder and Director of DiVA Apprenticeships and is also IMPALA’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion trainer, along with Vick Bain, see above. She works with employers in the development of apprenticeship programmes that support workforce diversity, business growth, skills development and talent retention. Through DiVA, Arit has helped hundreds of individuals to launch their careers in some of the world's best entertainment brands, and coached and trained people from graduate to senior executive. She describes herself as a fairy jobmother and makes a huge difference to all the companies and organisations she works with, helping them to achieve change. Don’t miss Arit’s 20MinutesWith podcast episode here, with Vick Bain.


Jane Golding is IMPALA’s competition and regulatory lawyer for nearly 20 years and has been involved in many of the key legal challenges led by the association. She is also an expert on Brexit, check out her podcast here. This year alone, Jane has been working on competition cases like Sony/AWAL and others. She has worked in the area of European law for over 20 years, at the European Commission, and in private practice in Italy, Germany, as well as in Brussels, before moving to Berlin in 2009.


Remi is a finance expert and a great choice as one of our teachers in the IMPALA Campus project discussing the complex issue of access to finance in the music sector. She is the author of “Easy Money? the Definitive UK Guide to Funding Music Projects” and also an IMPALA podcast guest. Remi has a wide experience including roles at AIM, the British association of independent record labels and at UK Music. She has helped lots of clients successfully raise finance and is also a mentor working with young organisations and artists and helping them make their mark. 


Eva Karman Reinhold is the co-chair of IMPALA’s Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. Chair of SOM, Sweden’s national association of independents, representing over 300 companies, Eva is a music lawyer (Master of Law, LLM.) who founded Karman Innovative Consulting and Smilodon (music publisher and record label) in 2004. She began her career in the music industry at STIM, and then worked for many years at 10 years independent companies Gazell and MNW. Being a former music student, she has picked up writing and performing again as the creative leader in her band MahRoot. Listen to Eva’s 20MinutesWith podcast episode here.


Juliana is the curator and host of IMPALA’s 20MinutesWith  podcast series, one of the emblems of IMPALA’s 20th anniversary projects, inviting different guests every month during the year. She runs JayKay Media Inc, a London-based boutique media-content agency offering journalism, publishing, podcast curation, documentary production, media consultancy, content marketing and photography-design. Juliana is also content consultant at Reed MIDEM's Esports BAR, MIPTV, MIPCOM and Midem events and a regular contributor to Boutique Edition's MIPTV, MIDEM, MIPCOM and Cannes Lions news magazines.


Hélène is the project manager of MEWEM (Mentoring Programme for Women Entrepreneurs in the Music Industry), for which Helen Smith (IMPALA’s Executive Chair) is godmother.  Hélène runs the Miaou Records label, launched in France in 2015. She is also the coordinator of FELIN, the French association of independent record labels, where she is in charge, among many other aspects, of communication. Listen to the two podcast episodes featuring MEWEM here and here.


Anca is an IMPALA board member as Executive Director of INDIERO, the Romanian independent labels and publishers’ association. She is one the most experienced professionals in the Romanian music business, having been involved in most aspects of the industry: media, concert organisation, record companies, music publishing, management and booking agencies. In 2009, she became the first Romanian music business professional to graduate from the Master in Music Business Programme from Berklee College of Music. In 2016 she founded the first Romanian music business conference – Mastering The Music Business. Make sure to have a listen to Anca’s podcast here.


Justyna plays a key role in the Polish music sector and within IMPALA’s network as the project and marketing manager of Polish association of independent record labels ANPM. She is the project manager of Right Music in Warsaw, where she represents international music catalogues from Europe and the United States in terms of royalties’ collection, music supervision & licensing. Justyna was also featured on our podcast, have a listen here.


Fay is one of the few people to get to meet one of the EC vice presidents with IMPALA. She is drummer for the English rock band Savages and the co-founder of Music Declares Emergency, the UK-organisation working with the UK music industry to improve sustainable practices. IMPALA decided to give its Outstanding Contribution Award to Music Declares Emergency in 2019, in recognition of the importance of this initiative and to echo the call on decision makers to act. The award was followed by several meetings with EU officials, Executive Vice President Timmermans and Commissioner Gabriel. Fay is a guest on our #20MinutesWith podcast with Maddy Read Clarke (see below), have a listen to their episode here.


My Ugly Clementine is the latest winner of IMPALA's Album of the year award with their debut album, Vitamin C, released on Austrian record label Ink Music. This supergroup from Vienna is described as “a four-piece, non-male rock band telling stories about self-confidence, empowerment, self-love, respect and equal rights”. This gave us the opportunity to flag gender issues in our statement as well as IMPALA’s podcast episode. The band also has their own podcast, Peptalk, that celebrates diversity in the music industry.


Stef Pascual is Strategy Director at Deviate Digital. Stef was one of our IMPALA Campus trainers, introducing the participants to the world of Digital Marketing. She’s one half of the independent label Silent Cult. Stef started in the music sector, working with state51, then Sony Red / The Orchard. She has lectured at the Academy of Contemporary Music and at Berklee College (Master of Arts in Global Entertainment and Music Business), and often speaks at music industry conferences and events.


Maddy is the co-owner of Famous Times Studio in East London and co-founder of Music Declares Emergency, as well as their Campaign Director. As mentioned above, MDE is a key voice on sustainability issues which IMPALA supports. MDE acts as a focus for the collective voice of UK music to call for systemic changes from government to protect all life on Earth and achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030. Maddy was a key member of our team that met European Vice President Timmermans and was also our podcast guest, along with Fay Militon, see above. Have a listen to their episode on Music Declares Emergency here.


Carina Sava was one of our IMPALA Campus trainers, delivering sessions on Brand Partnerships. She is a music business professional with more than 12 years of experience in artist management, booking, brand partnership, music marketing and communications. Carina is the Co-founder and Vice President of RAW Music Association and the Conference Programme Manager of Mastering the Music Business Conference. Carina is also the Founder and Chair of Women in Music Romania and Founding Member of Romanian Music Managers Forum. At the end of 2020 she launched her own company, Watermelon Agency and is also involved in the work of MEWEM Romania.


Alison is the founder and CEO of Julie’s Bicycle. She is also adviser to IMPALA’s sustainability task force. Alison established Julie’s Bicycle in 2007 as a non-profit company helping the music industry reduce its environmental impacts and develop new thinking in tune with global environmental challenges. JB has since extended its remit to the full performing and visual arts communities, heritage and wider creative and cultural policy communities. JB is acknowledged as a leading organization bridging sustainability with the arts and culture. Don’t miss the #20MinutesWith podcast with Alison here.

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