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January 2017
Update No.2
This update No.2 continues from update No.1.  Please follow the link below to open a copy of update No. 1
 or alternatively contact Briars Sports Club General Manager Glen Taylor on 9743 1907 or at and Glen will send you the prior update.
A considerable amount of work has been completed during December and January all in support of our objective of restoring Briars to Kentwell Cup ASAP.  Due to the incidence of early onset dementia amongst many of our middle to older aged Old Boys and reasonable but repeated levels of inebriation amongst our younger, middle and older aged Briars Rugby Old Boys we will not attempt to cover too many of the many projects underway.
Update No.2 will cover:-
  1. Reminder of new Briars Rugby Restoration structure.
  2. Completion of 2017 coaching panel.
  3. U21 expansion.
  4. Briars Rugby Lunch June 16.
  5. Briars O.B. contact list updates
  6. New Zealand Tour committee
  7. The Briars Rugby dilemna
  8. Briars Rugby O.B. lament.
  1.  Briars Rugby Structure 2017.
As announced in update No.1, Brett Howle, Briars Sports Club President, has
 implemented a new structure to administer and run Rugby in 2017.  The BRRB (Briars Rugby Restoration Board) comprises:-
Brett Howle as Chairman (President of Briars Sports), Aaron Boyter, Kerry Constanti, Andy Hogg, Dave Lannan, Ash Simpson, John Slender, Chris Walker.
The BRRMC (Briars Rugby Restoration Management Committee) comprises:-
Aaron Boyter (Briars Sports Director) as Chairman, plus Dave Lannan, Greg Black, James Black, Aaron Boyter, Jules Boyter, Rebecca Burton, Lachlan Cameron, Kerry Constanti, AJ Fiatorone, Alex Gonano, Andy Hogg, Dan Holt, Dave Lewis, Dave MacDougal, Dante Melville, Ash Simpson, Luke Sinai.
The BRRB has had 3 meetings, the BRRMC has held 2 and various sub-committees are active.
  1. Briars Rugby 2017 Coaching Panel.
We have completed the appointment of all coaches for the 2017 season.
•  Club Coach and 1st grade Coach.
Lachlan White, level 3 accredited,  Trinity College Director of Rugby,  NSW U18 Coach, Combined Associated Schools Coach,  Eastwood Rugby, Briars Rugby 2006 Premier.
•  2nd Grade Coach.
Dave Munnoch, Trinity College and Barker College Coach,  St.Ives RUFC Coach  Gordon Colts,  refereeing and ref coaching 2010 – 2016.
• 3rd Grade Co-coaches
   Tim Entwistle. 
   Tim is a Briars Old Boy, experienced rugby player and juniors coach.  He played at Briars through most of the 1990’s and sat on the Briars Rugby Committee for 2 years.  He has played for several subbies clubs in Sydney and clubs in England as an inside back.  He has toured Amsterdam and Dieppe.  He is keen to develop his coaching skills at the senior level with Briars Rugby.
    Scott McGill.
    Scott is a Briars Rugby Old Boy.  Started Rugby at Killara High School, Gordon U16 and Waratah Shield, NZ Tour,  Drummoyne and Briars 1993 – 2005, Coaching level 1.  Playing Mate of Tim Entwistle.  Dedicated tight forward.
•   U21 Coach
    Mitchell Paish, UNSW Colts,  NSW Country Teams, Penrith Emu’s1992 – 1994,  Coaching level 2 accredited,  West Harbour Juniors 2007 – 2016 including Colts, 3rds 2014 and 2nd Grade Coach 2015.
    U21 Manager
    Tony Woolaston.  Assisted Mitchell Paish at West Harbour Colts,  managed and coached backs at West JRC 2007 – 2013, played for Army unit and rep teams
1980 – 2000, played Dubai 7’s 1998 – 1999.
This very experienced coaching panel will be introduced to all attending the Briars Rugby Lunch on June 16 at Briars Sports Club.
  1.  Under 21 (Colts) Expansion.
 During January, following various discussions and meetings, Mitch Paish,
Tony Woolaston and 11 members of the West Harbour Colts made the decision to move from West Harbour R,C. to Briars.  Andy Hogg’s relationship with Mitch and Tony were of great assistance.
Mitch and Tony have had discussions with various BRRB members and visited the Briars Sports Club Rooms.  Various of the 11 U21 players are now in training with Briars.
These 2017 Rugby playing group additions are warmly welcomed and we will provide all needed support to Mitch and Tony as they join the Briars family.
  1.  Briars Rugby Lunch
Friday June 16
12:00 midday
At Briars Sports Club
Note Country members.  This precedes the Wallabies V Scotland International in Sydney on Saturday June 17.
Numbers are limited to 15 tables of 10 persons and already 8 tables are gone.
Please contact to book your table or seat.
Speakers will be announced in due course.
Cost is $150 per seat.
No auctions are being held.
Tours of the Ted Stockdale Pavilion at Rothwell will be conducted.
Reasonable attire is required.  Ian Richard will be vetting attendees for suitable dress standards.
All funds will be directed to the Briars Rugby O.B. Fund for the benefit of Briars Rugby.
Further Rugby Lunch details will be announced in coming weeks.
  1. Briars O.B. Contact List Update
At present we have 538 names of supposed Rugby Old Boys.  Some of these
are outdated, some are duplicated and many are missing.  We are seeking to update and correct our lists.  Our target is 800 Rugby Old Boys correctly detailed and receiving regular Briars updates.
Groups of Old Boys have been selected by their playing or coaching decade to assist with the enhancing of our contact lists.
The decade groups are:-
Group 1          2016 – 2006              Aaron Boyter, Kerry Constanti, Mark Gudmunson,
                                                         John Slender, Andy Craig
Group 2          2006 – 1996              Mathew Waddington, Mal Webber, Aaron Boyter,
                                                         John Slender.
Group 3          1996 – 1986              Chris Lamond, Mathew Waddington, Phil Guest,
                                                         David Guile, Mat Grace.
Group 4          1986 – 1976              Bruce Robinson, Mal Webber, Peter Dunlop
                                                         Phil England, Tony Wozniak.
Group 5          1976 – 1966              Rod Smith, David Guile, Beast, Chris Murray.
Group 6          1966 – 1956              Bill Leckie, John Metcalf, Andy Clifford, Mike
                                                         Mathews, Beast
Group 7          Pre 1956                    Spencer Hipwell
Some of these groups have been contacted and are underway.  Others will be contacted in the near future.
Should you wish to assist with this project please contact any of the group participants.  Glen Taylor, (02) 9743 1907 will provide you contact details.
  1. New Zealand Tour Committee.
A New Zealand Tour Committee has been formed to explore opportunities to
tour in Feb/March 2018.  This tour will be used as a pre-tour player recruiting opportunity as well as while touring.  The Tour Committee is:-
Phil England –   Kentwell Cup player, captain and coach. 3 New Zealand tours
Andy Hogg -      2017 Briars RRB and 2017 Rugby Treasurer.  Born in
John Metcalf –  1964 Invincible.  1965 Kentwell Premier.  1 previous tour.
Ian Richard -     Prior club President, prior Rugby Chairman, 1965 Kentwell
                          Premier, 3 prior tours.
Reuben Sinai -  Rugby L in France, 10 years with Briars, 3 times Pan Pacific
                          Gold medal, Born in Wellington.
Rod Smith -       10 years Kentwell Cup, 3 previous tours.
Brian Wooley -   NZ School boy rep, Tonga rep, Hurricans assistant coach,
                          cousin of John Slender, lives in New Zealand.
All the aforementioned have either toured New Zealand with prior Briars Rugby teams or, in the case of Andy Hogg and Reuben Sinai, been born in New Zealand and in the case of Brain Wooley (Cousin of John Slender) now resident of New Zealand.
The NZ Tour Committee conducted its first meeting on January 21.  Further updates will be provided by the Tour Committee.
If you believe you can assist please contact any Tour Committee member.
  1.  The Briars Rugby Dilemna.
Briars Rugby over the last 10 years has had 6 different leadership entities.
2006 – 7 – 8             John Slender            3rd Division into 2nd Division
                                                                   2006 won 1st and 2nd Grade Premierships
2009 – 2010             Ashleigh Walsh         2nd Division
2011                         Andy Craig   
2012 -13 – 14           Ben Edwards            3rd Division to 4th Division
2015                         Kerry Constanti &
                                 Dave Lannan            4th Division
2016                         Dave Lannan            4th Division
All the aforementioned, except Andy Craig, (Sorry Mate) were in their 30’s.
All devoted enormous hours and energy to the numerous tasks of administering Briars Rugby.
All were supported by Committee members in their 20’s and 30’s.
Little help was sought from, or offered by, or accepted from Briars Rugby predecessors.
Compare the aforementioned with Briars cricket.
Gerard Price, age 54, Briars Cricket Chairman for the last approx. 30 years. Overseen outstanding on field and financial success for Briars Cricket.  Now 32 teams.
John Price, age 58, Briars Hockey Chairman or Patron and senior administrator for the last 20 years.  Overseen outstanding on field and financial success for Briars Hockey.  Now 28 teams.
Richard McGrath, age 54, Colleagues RUFC Club President for the last 16 years.  Overseen outstanding on field success for Colleagues who are unquestionably the most successful SRU club in the last 100 years.
Dan Moore, age 68, Petersham Rugby Club Chairman or Senior Executive for the last 21 years.  Overseen the return of Petershan RUFC to the Kentwell Cup Division and the restoration of Petersham’s status and financial well being.
Is there substance in these comparisons?
Does the new Briars structure move us in the right direction?
How can we retain older, experienced, successful Briars Rugby identities within our admin. ranks.
What else should Briars Rugby be doing to move to a successful model?
This discussion will continue in future Rugby updates.
  1. Old Boys Lament
Some Briars Rugby Old Boys have phoned or emailed to commend these
fresh attempts at reviving Briars Rugby and restoring Briars to Kentwell Cup.  Others have said “not again – when will you blokes give up and move on”.  The vast majority are watching in bemused, amused or lethargic silence.
We need O.B. help in various ways.  We can use your time, your efforts and/or some donations over the coming months.
Some O.B. are helping with updating our Old Boy contact lists.  Others, like Dave Lewis, are serving on the Rugby Restoration Management Committee and assisting teams on Saturdays.  Others, like John Slender, are extremely active and serving on the Rugby Restoration Board.  Andy Craig is helping with the Briars Rugby Lunch.  Their contributions are invaluable.
Why bother??
Because it’s our club.
We had some fantastic times at a fantastic time of our lives.
Someone has to fix this and your help could make it happen!!
More in coming weeks.
Update No.3 will cover:-
  1. Recruiting activity
  2. Pre-season calendar.
  3. Briars Old Boys contact list update
  4. Ted Stockdale Pavilion opening at Rothwell
  5. Rothwell Grand Final team re-unions.
  6. 30a George Street re-union
  7. Briars Rugby Financial situation
  8. The Briars Rugby dilemma continued
  9. Briars Rugby Old Boy assistance.


   Briars Rugby O.B                 Briars Rugby O.B.               Briars Rugby O.B.
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Sponsor X Details
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Sponsor Z Details
Potential Sponsors.
You can reach 500 + Briars Rugby Old Boys aged 30 – 80.  Being retired Rugby players with no tattoos and excellent command of consonants and appropriate use of the English language you are reaching an outstanding group of Australian males some with considerable assets and spending levels and younger ones who will have in the future.  There will be 10 mailing events to our 500 O.B. over the next 8 months.
To progress this opportunity please contact Chris Walker on 0412 000616 or

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