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This month's picture comes from El Silencio at For me it conjures the importance of all those we cannot see but who belong in our families. 


Constellation Workshops 2018


  • Safe, confidential and friendly
  • All you need bring is yourself, some courage and a desire for change
  • 9.30 - 4.30
  • Parking nearby and a short walk from the train station

"Having attended a variety of workshops over the years one of my most favourite has been The family constellations workshop in Lewes with Liz Sleeper
Fun yet profound therapeutic creative solution focused resolution of life events and their meaning
s ."
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Sometimes we find it incredibly hard to move on.  However much our conscious rational mind tells us it’s time to go, we somehow just can’t do it. 

That’s when there are unconscious hidden beliefs holding you back.  It may be you fear someone will suffer deeply if you move on.  It may be you fear your own success - or your failure.  Usually what is holding us back is some deep-seated fear that we can hardly bear to look at.

When someone else stands in a constellation representing you, they do not carry the same taboos that you do.  They do not hold the same fears so they can stand and say “I cannot leave my father there.”  “Or if I go, I fear my mother will be all alone.”   And it can be a painful relief to witness that part of yourself.  The part that did not even allow yourself to recognise how much you hold yourself back.

Recently I’ve witnessed frequently in a constellation the impact of a death by a sudden and unexpected accident.  Somehow the accident holds such tremendous power over the family that all any member can do is remember the dreadful and shocking way their beloved  died.  And somehow that takes over, so rather than rejoicing in their wonderful life the death becomes all.  Once that happens it seems to keep many family members trapped and unable to move forward.  We have had two or three sessions recently where those left behind have needed to take their time to say farewell to the departed and by fully attending to it, they are more able to remember the good life lived by their loved one and they can begin to let go of the manner of their passing. 

This is not always possible but I have seen recently a few times when it has happened and it has absolutely freed people up to move forward in a different way

Upcoming Workshops:
Saturday  24 March Hove
Saturday  21 April,  Lewes
Friday       11  May  Lewes
Saturday   9 June   Lewes
All Lewes workshops  dates here:

Hove evening workshops 
3rd Mondays of the month,
Next one Monday 16 April

Therapist Supervision Group 
This group meets monthly on Monday evenings in Lewes.  Participants are encouraged to commit and join for the year.  However there is a drop in option for those unable to attend regularly.  Next meeting Monday   Message me if you would like to join for a taster session 

It has been a useful and safe place to look at stuck client issues - and all sorts of other ones.  Also a good place toliaise with others in the same profession.  Other benefits of full-time membership is complimentary space at day time workshops either accompanying your clients or as participant. Email me for dates and more information. 

Following request for another group, I will be running a similar group in Brighton, probably on Tuesday evenings.   So let me know if you would like to get involved. 

Constellations for Business
 Workshops for solopreneurs and micro businesses with business coach Marisa Guthrie.  We will be holding 4 more workshops over the course of 2018 - watch this space for more information. 

Available this Friday?
There is an organisational constellation taking place this Friday morning and we would be delighted to have some representatives along.  Participating will be free, confidentiality is required.  Ideally participants should have some experience of representing previously. 
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