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We're recruiting blog writers! 

The ProWritingAid Blog has grown massively with over 12 million page views in the last 12 months. We want to build on this amazing momentum—we're aiming to triple that in the coming year!

Do you love writing and want to help more people improve their craft?

Join our team of writers!

We are particularly looking for writers in the following areas: 

Education pros
You are a teacher or work in education. You love teaching students to write, and ideally you use ProWritingAid as a tool in your classroom. You love crafting simple explanations for topics like "foreshadowing", "comma-use", or "passive voice". You also love sharing ideas for making your students (and teachers) excited about writing. 

Business writers
You love the art of using language to craft a perfect email, compelling case study, or annual report. And you're frequently frustrated by the poor quality of most writing you read. You champion the importance of good writing within your whole company and often find people asking you for advice. So you've got plenty of subject matter to write about.

Fiction writers
You have written and published at least one full novel and have a good understanding of literary devices and writing techniques, as well as tips to stay motivated and productive. 

You are personally experienced within the world of self-publishing.You know everything from formatting your book, to building your author profile, to ranking on Amazon. You want to write all about the journey from first draft to bestseller.  

You are a ProWritingAid master user
You have been working with ProWritingAid for a long time now and you know all the hidden features and benefits. You would love to help other writers learn to get the best out of our editing software. 

You just love the ins and outs of writing
You have insights around writing that you think the ProWritingAid community would love. Tell us why you would be a great addition to our team. 

1) Idea Generation
On the first of each month, all of the writers on our Blogger Team submit 6-10 titles of articles that they would like to write. We have a list of targeted SEO keywords that they can use for inspiration.

2) Editorial Calendar Construction
From those titles, the Editor and Content Manager will commission the ones that they feel construct the best editorial coverage for the month. 

3) Article Submission
Articles are then due on the 20th of that month. 

4) Payment
At the end of each month, each writer submits an invoice for the work that was commissioned. 

In-depth articles (1500+ words) $150 each
Practical how-to articles (700-1000 words) $100 each

All articles include a bio and photo of the author with backlinks to their own sites or social channels. 

ProWritingAid Premium
We offer everyone on the Blogger Team a free ProWritingAid Premium licence. 

Super-busy with a big project one month? No problem. We know that writers' lives tend to be either feast or famine. Skip the pitches and come back next month. It's the perfect side-hustle. 

Send us an email at

Tell us the following: 
  • What's your experience as a writer?
  • What would you like to write about? Suggest 3-5 titles. 
  • Which are your favorite posts on our blog now? And why? 
  • Why would you be a great addition to the team?  
Please also include 3-5 writing samples. 

Deadline: September 30th, 2019.