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December 2016

Dear Friend,

When Satish came to Freedom to Lead, he was a frustrated, overworked pastor. Today he is thriving as he leads a growing congregation that impacts their community for Jesus Christ – thanks, in part, to the financial contributions
of those whose hearts are turned to the unreached.
Satish lives near Hyderabad in South India. For years, he worked hard with sincere intentions to provide pastoral leadership for the church in his village. He led every aspect of the ministry, and the congregation looked to him for all decisions – big and small. He was the honored leader, but despite all his efforts, the church was not growing. There was much more to do than he could accomplish by himself. As a result, Satish grew weary from the heavy demands of leadership, and became discouraged.

Then Satish heard about The Garden Projectour program of cultivating leaders. He knew he needed help, so he decided to attend the workshops. There he learned about Christ-centered leadership, mentoring, and leading teams. Satish was especially drawn to our teaching method that uses stories, images, and music.

Satish didn’t know just how much his life would change.
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Satish returned to his church and began applying the leadership lessons he learned. He used familiar biblical stories to teach the congregation to work together in teams. He equipped others to do the work of ministry rather than doing it all himself. He mentored potential church leaders.

Within months, the people took on responsibility for tasks. A renewed purpose was birthed in the congregation; they were transformed to be a blessing to their families, friends, and neighbors. And, new people were added to the congregation.

A Worldwide Problem Needs a Worldwide Solution

Satish is just one of more than 2000 storycentric leaders in South Asia and Africa that are currently participating in Freedom to Leads program.

These leaders represent over 80% of the world’s population who prefer to communicate and learn through stories, images, music, and drama rather than through reading and writing.
Yet, less than 10% of Christian workers communicate with stories, pictures, music, and drama. This disconnect overlooks a primary method Jesus used in preparing leaders, and has created a critical shortage in the effective cultivation of leaders for the growing global church. 

Leadership matters! Christian activities such as evangelism, discipleship, and church planting are dependent upon effective leaders. Yet leadership development has been largely ignored among people where the Gospel is needed the most – until now. God is using Freedom to Leads unique program that employs engaging stories, biblical insights, pictures, and indigenous music to raise up competent, Christ-centered leaders in this storycentric generation.

Tens of Thousands of Leaders Still Need Assistance

The excitement is spreading. Freedom to Lead is receiving many requests from around the world. More people have become key partners because of our effective role in spreading the Gospel and our efficiency in using their dollars wisely. They believe in what we are doing and how the work is accomplished. They have vetted our people, organization, and operation and have responded with generous gifts to support the work.

Will you, too?
Stories, images, music, and drama teach deeply – just as Jesus taught!

Here's How to Double Your Gift

A national Christian foundation has made an incredible offer. They will match every dollar raised by Freedom to Lead between now and 12/31/16 – UP TO $40,000! Give $25 and it becomes $50; $100 turns into $200; $1,000 doubles to $2,000. We are humbled by this foundation’s generosity and encouraged at the life-altering impact it can make in the lives of ministry leaders across South Asia and Africa.

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Thank you for your investment in leaders like Satish whom God is transforming through Freedom to Lead.

Until All Have Heard,

Rick Sessoms
President, Freedom to Lead

P.S. Help us spread the word. Would you also provide the name and contact information of someone who shares our desire for reaching the unreached through story, images, music, and drama? Thank you!
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