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  Newsletter October 2016

AGM - 6th November 2016

By now you should be aware of the upcoming AGM.

Sunday 6th November 2016


Sandton Field and Study Centre
Cnr Louise Avenue & 14th Street

Bring your own “dop & chop"
Cash for the raffles


We will provide chairs, tables & braais for you but you’re welcome to bring your own picnic things.

PLEASE advise Ivana either way if you are able/unable to make it by the 31st October 2016

When replying, please advise if there have been any changes to your contact details that we should know about.
Remember that your attendance means you hear about all the updated news of the farm, operations, stocking, etc. It is also the best forum to voice concerns, ideas and of course network with friends and your Middelpunt family.

Travelling on William Nicol from Fourways side, pass Republic Rd on your right and take next road to the left (Mattie St), at the Fury Ford garage.  Once on Mattie St, take the fourth road to the left (14th St). 14th St comes to a T-junction and the Field & Study Centre is in front of you.

The Dams

It looks as if the rains will be late this year and our dam levels are dropping fast. Dam 6 is not only low but full of weed and algae so the decision has been taken to drop it some more and Charl van Deventer and his team will net it on 22 October and remove the grass carp to other dams, many of which are badly weeded. Dam 6 will then be drained and left exposed to the sun before it is refilled as this is a good way of rejuvenating it.
It also looks as if we will also have to drop some water from Dam 1 into 2 and especially Dam 5 which is a very important dam as it is fishing well and has the cages for the young grass carp at the jetty.

During the week of 12 October dams 2, 3 and 4 will be weeded.

Fishing Update

We reported that the last season, June 2015 to May 2016, was poor mainly on   account of the heat and drought of last summer and an increase in predator    activity. KZN and the Clarens district of the Free State are also experiencing poor catches in both dams and streams for the same reasons.
For the period starting June this year we cannot say that our fishing has been up to the usual Middelpunt standard either, but please be patient, we are very aware of the situation and once the rains start in earnest we can expect an improvement.
We will be stocking regularly up to mid-December but will not repeat the experiment of trying to stock as early as February in the new year. They are forecasting another hot summer so we will hold off 2017 stockings until the water temperatures decline in autumn. Also note that because of the drought and poor water flows at the fish farms many of the stocking fish we are receiving now are not more than 500g as the producers have had to cut back on feeding but at least we are getting our fish.
Please note that Dam 1 is ‘catch & release’ water.

The Grass Carp Project

Anyone visiting the farm will have seen the cages for rearing the young grass carp. We recently sorted the current batch and estimate we will have about 100 well grown out fish to place in our dams in March and another 100 young fish are expected to arrive end Oct/early Nov for rearing out in cages. Thereafter we plan to order 150 to arrive late 2017 and after these have also been grown out and stocked we should have a population in our dams big enough to keep the weed in control for at least another 30 years.

Fishing off the Dam 5 jetty is forbidden as this is solely for the grass carp project. In addition, the planks are in poor condition and the end section is not very stable.

The “Flowers of Verloren Vallei”

This is a new illustrated book on the flowers of the nature reserve and Ramsar site to the north of Dullstroom. As many of the flowers featured also occur in Middelpunt and surrounds it will serve as an excellent guide for the farm. It is published by the Wild Orchids of South Africa who are supportive of the Friends of Verloren Valei.

The price is only R170 and to read more about it and order a copy click here

Member Fees

Please note that there will be a R50 increase in membership fees from 1 November. This will take the monthly fees from R585 to R635.  You will recall that at the AGM last year, that the shareholders agreed not to raise the membership fees for the 2015/2016 period.
Unfortunately rising costs and the introduction of land taxation has necessitated a small increase in order to cover the additional costs.

We trust this is acceptable.
Your thoughts/feedback on the new format newsletter would be great. Do you prefer this or the previous PDF attachment? Let us know. Thank you
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Call Ivana on 011 435 0503 / 082 521 5947
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