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Learning machine learning. Link

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Google is selling the 'creepy walking robots that look like animals' company Boston Dynamics, which it bought in 2013 as part of Andy Rubin's push into robotics. It seems the reason for selling is that though they can walk round fine, the robots need a better power source to got very far (read, up in the hills carrying stuff for the infantry), and AI that's very far off to be able to do much by themselves. Link

Sony announced its VR headset for Playstation. Available in October, and at $400 (plus a Playstation, obviously) cheaper than Oculus or the HTV Vive (and apparently still selling at a profit). Link

Sony may be working on a 'Playstation 4.5' speed bump, with better graphics, perhaps to compete with PCs in VR. Link

Google Play will let Android users play a 10 minute demo of a game without having to install anything. Link 

Sky is dipping a toe in the water for VR. Link

Onshape (a16z investment) launched professional cloud CAD on the iPad. I'm a big fan of 'toys' you can't use for 'real work' - they're generally the future. Link

Dominos pizza delivery robot. What a time to be alive. Link

Blog posts

Fred Wilson - the second smartphone revolution. Link

Buzzfeed on the shift to mobile. Link

Kleiner Perkins design in tech report. Link

Inside Apple versus the FBI. Link


Stack Overflow's annual developer survey. Probably the most comprehensive available. Link
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