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Have I ever talked about anger? What is anger? Do you judge it as so many people do? I am not supposed to be angry is a message I grew up with and I had a parent that was angry a lot. Talk about confusing a kid! There was a point in my adult life when I vowed to never get angry again and I completely cut off that emotion or at least suppressed it. Yet becoming angry gives us information.

Anger can alert us that there is a lie in what the other person is saying or what we are trying to 'buy' or have been 'buying'. For instance we have so many sayings in our culture(s) that are not true. Has one of those been rubbing you the wrong way? What if that was an awareness on your part that there is a lie (= un-truth)? We stay angry until we spot the lie and then it does not bother us any longer. What if a person said something that contained a lie. They may not even be aware of the lie. I know how often I was unaware of the lies I was telling, mostly to myself. It could also be that another is saying it with the intention to mislead. Therefore, when you get angry, it is good to ask: Is there a lie?

Another possibility is that the anger we feel is what Access Consciousness calls a distractor implant. The purpose of a distractor implant is to keep you from moving forward; it distracts you. Implant means it is a point of view you were taught at some point, it keeps you looking outside of you for what you are doing wrong. That is what keeps you stuck, replaying the anger 'tape' over and over.

The third possibility is that you are refusing to be potent. It feels the same as anger and we have misidentified it as that. Potency is your capacity to choose, to create change. In order to get clear if the anger you are experiencing is potency just ask the question: Is this anger or potency? Whichever feels 'lighter' is it.

Where do you start? It does not matter if you check for a lie first or see if it is your refusal of your potency. Either question will either give you what you need to know or, at least, eliminate one of the three possibilities. There are four questions you can ask at any time that will give you a lot of information: 
  • What is this?
  • What can I do with it?
  • Can I change it?
  • If yes, how can go about changing it?
Have fun exploring anger when it comes up. Don't judge yourself for feeling it, use it to get the information it is intending you to have.

Until next month, have a great time and lots of fun!
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Bars Trade: For those in the Santa Fe area, there is a weekly Bars trade. It is possible to just experience the Bars by getting a full session for a drastically reduced price. Register on my Access page

Introduction to Access Consciousness: a tele-call on Thursday 2/18 at 6:30pm (MT) This is a free call so you can ask any questions you have about Access Consciousness and what I am writing about in these newsletters

Access Bars class: on Sunday 2/21 from 9am - 6pm with a 60 min lunch break. For more information, to watch some videos about the Bars and to register go to my website

Body Process classes: On Saturday, 2/27 I will teach 2 Body Process classes. In the morning it will be MTVSS which is a process that, among other things, boosts your immune system. In the afternoon it is Causal Incarceration. This process allows you body to let go of all the places and times when you have made causality really significant (which is all the time for most of us). To register go to my website under the tab Body Processes.

My Second Book

In November, I created a book "A Different World: perceiving possibilities". It was done by December 1st and it took me another month to find a 'Print on Demand 'printer that would do a reliable job, meaning I would get the same look every time. Now I have 50 copies sitting in my home and it is also available through Amazon and will be through other online book sellers. You can find out more on my website and also read some of the reviews I got.

Here is a text excerpt:

… a world where

we all are aware of choice and the advantages that brings. 

How different might life be if we live from the cycle of 

question, choice, awareness, new question, ….. 

We are aware that a choice only lasts as long as we decide, 

not for the rest of our life.


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