In this issue: OSCE: Refocusing Migration and Security
3 March 2016
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Image PlaceholderA humanitarian tragedy of inexcusable proportions continues to unfold in and around the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to human suffering, the refugee and migration crisis is exacerbating tensions within and between States at a time when the OSCE space is already plagued by the return of divisive politics.

As OSCE Secretary General, I am focused on preventing migration from becoming yet another fault line dividing our countries and societies. We should be all committed to tackling decisively the humanitarian emergency, extending protection to those in need, and addressing the concerns of transit States and receiving communities. I am convinced that we should also look beyond the emergency and address the root causes, such as conflict, economic inequality and climate change.

The OSCE has a tool box that can be adapted to deal with both short-term and long-term challenges. We are here to build bridges and turn the crisis into an opportunity for co-operation and sustainable development.

Lamberto Zannier
OSCE Secretary General

Refocusing Migration and Security - Bridging National and Regional Responses

The OSCE Security Days in Rome sets out to stimulate a constructive and forward-looking discussion of the rapidly evolving challenges of migration in and around the OSCE area, and their complex security implications for the people on the move, as well as for transit and destination states. Learn more and watch live on 4 March, 9:00am CET.

Podcast with the OSCE Secretary General

OSCE Secretary General Zannier talks about the OSCE Security Days event dedicated to the challenges of migration and security, and how he thinks the OSCE can contribute to the wider debate on tackling these issues.
Listen to the podcast

What are OSCE Security Days?

Security Days events brings together experts from different countries to examine new thinking on security issues. They look at both the theory and practice of solving conflicts, and the role of regional and multilateral organizations in sustaining and consolidating peaceful societies. Learn more

Combating human trafficking along migration routes

There are an estimated one billion migrants globally, many of whom are at risk of being trafficked and exploited. They are easy targets for a global business of forced labour that generates an estimated $150 billion every year. The OSCE has been at the forefront of promoting human security and emphasizing victim protection when addressing human trafficking in the context of migration. Read our story to learn more.

Cross-border mobility in the OSCE area

From the early days of the OSCE, the participating States have taken mutually beneficial steps towards clarifying the rules and simplifying the procedures that allow persons to temporarily enter or leave countries within the OSCE region.

To support actions to ease cross-border movement within the region, the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) published the Baseline Study on Cross-Border Mobility in the OSCE Region to highlight the commitments on freedom of movement and human contacts made by the OSCE participating States.

Learn more: Read the story
| Baseline Study on Cross-Border Mobility in the OSCE Region

OSCE labour migration management toolkit

The OSCE supports its participating States by promoting the development of comprehensive and effective labour migration policies and provides training for public officials and civil society. Check out the OSCE labour migration management toolkit to learn more.

OSCE responses to the crisis in and around Ukraine

OSCE responses to the crisis in and around Ukraine include high-level diplomacy and multilateral dialogue; monitoring the security situation on the ground; promoting respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms; and strengthening democratic institutions and practices. Check out our dedicated portal for the latest news, reports and stories.

Daily updates from the Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine

To get a better understanding of the situation on the ground in Ukraine, read the daily updates provided for the public and the media by the teams of special monitors.

Reports from the Observer Mission at the Russian Checkpoints Gukovo and Donetsk

Read weekly first-hand information from the team of OSCE observers on the situation at the border checkpoints.
Security Community is available in print in English and Russian, and online in English, Russian, German, French, Italian and Spanish at
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