New Book Announcements! Plus... Join me at OdysseyCon this weekend!

"I wrapped your love around me like a chain, but I never was afraid that it would die. You can dance in a hurricane / but only if you're standing in the eye."     
- Brandi Carlile "The Eye"
This is going to be a short newsletter, but there are a couple announcements that I really wanted to make this week!


Sacrificing Virgins coming in 2015 from Samhain; plus Violet Eyes and The Family Tree hardcovers coming from Sinister Grin!

The Family Tree

I'M REALLY EXCITED TO report that over the past couple weeks, I've signed three contracts for three new books! OK, two of them are not really new... but they'll have new editions :-)

Several of you on my mailing list have asked about whether there will be signed hardcover editions produced of my recent Samhain novels, now that Bad Moon Books is no longer producing new hardcovers (Bad Moon previously produced limited editions of NightWhere and Siren).

At last, I can say... YES!  I've just signed on with Sinister Grin Press, which will release a hardcover edition of Violet Eyes this fall, followed by a limited edition of The Family Tree early next year. Stay tuned for order information later this summer.

MY NEXT NEW BOOK with Samhain Publishing (my fourth for them) will be be a new short story collection, titled Sacrificing Virgins. The release date is set for the start of December. This will be my fourth full-length collection, and at 25 stories and 110,000 words, my largest to date. It will collect the best stories I've written over the past decade, including tie-in stories to three of my novels, "Ligeia's Revenge" (a Siren vignette), the NightWhere novelette "Field of Flesh" and "The Pumpkin Man," the story which inspired my novel of the same name. From quiet ghost stories to extreme erotic horror, Sacrificing Virgins will really cover the breadth of my writing in the short form. I'll share the cover to this one with you as soon as the publisher shares it with me!

WHAT AM I WORKING ON? That's the question I hear a lot. Over the past three months I've been working on the sequel to my first two novels, Covenant and Sacrifice. It's a book I've wanted to write for the past eight years, and a lot of people have asked for it so... I hope they'll be happy with how it turns out! I'm about halfway through the novel right now, and having a great time revisiting the world of Joe Kieran and the Curburide demons. It began under the working title Curburide, but since nobody will know what the hell that means, I'm thinking it may end up being called Redemption. I think that has a good ring following Covenant and Sacrifice. But who knows if that will stick by the time it's done?

I'm hoping to finish the book by June, which means it should come out in 2016.


OdysseyCon starts on Friday!

THIS WEEKEND, I'll be joining Jonathan Maberry, W.D. Gagliani, Dave Benton, Heather Brewer, Paul Dale Anderson and many more at OdysseyCon in Madison, Wisconsin. If you're in the Illinois-Wisconsin corridor, I hope you'll come up to talk zombies, V-Wars, erotic horror and more with us at a variety of panels and events. They're even hosting a zombie prom! Hope to see some of you there:

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