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Cities & towns are at the forefront of today’s
opportunities & crises

The EU and UNDP joined up to help cities and towns in the Eastern Partnership to transform into more sustainable, resilient and safer places for people, and more attractive for investments. The #M4EG introduces new tools and approaches to shape cities and towns to be more future ready. How and what we have been doing together with you in the past 18 months, find out here, in our mid-year snap shot report. 

M4EG Facility. Welcome video

Cities in Crisis – pivoting to support new realities in Ukraine and Moldova

Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, the regional approach foreseen in the M4EG was not possible in the evolving crisis context. This required a pivot to better support the new realities of members in Ukraine and Moldova. Find out more on M4EG crisis response here

Embark on Portfolio and Urban Imaginaries Journeys

So far in 2022, 13 local authorities finalized the initial learning & design components of the Portfolio Journey (introducing system thinking) or Urban Imaginaries Programmes (introducing human center design), and ready to implement their demonstration projects in line with the "Urban Makeover" concept. Focus of interventions ranges from energy transition, EcoSmart city, ecosystem for start-ups, solid waste, green mobility solutions, and overall making city and towns more inclusive, attractive and vibrant. A new group of 15 like-minded local authorities was selected to begin their learning and implementation journey in fall 2022. Discover more


Local governments are at the forefront of change and opportunity – whether that is tackling climate change, addressing inequality, or attracting and retaining talent. Yet, faced with new and emerging challenges all the time, cities and towns must be able to listen to residents, innovate and reimagine their ways of working to effectively respond to a rapidly changing world. Here is the learning of 9 towns and cities so far on applying Human Centered Design approaches 

Event: Show&Tell Platform

The Show&Tell platform gathered in late July 2022 the Eastern Partnership municipalities to showcase half year progress under the M4EG. In this round, the first cohorts shared how to design “portfolios” and apply “urban imaginaries”. Read and watch more
WHAT IS NEXT? On 27 October, the EU and UNDP launched "the EU Response and Renewal Grant Programme for M4EG" for the war-affected municipalities in Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. Municipalities interested in participating in the Call for Local Demonstration Initiatives should be part of the M4EG network. Applications will be open in November 2022. See here to learn more about this new programme under M4EG.

Faces of #M4EG: Lilia Rata

Calarasi, a city in Moldova that Lilia is working for, is part of Urban Imaginaries - a learning & seed-funding programme under the #M4EG. The openness and audacity with which Lilia has taken on human-centered design, and in particular the testing phase, is impressive. It is not easy to experiment with a new way of working inside public administration when you don't have a big team of like-minded people around you. Lilia is a stellar example of a curious, tenacious and open public servant, looking for "how" instead of "but." Read more here

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The Mayors for Economic Growth (M4EG) is a joint EU & UNDP initiative to support Mayors and their teams in the Eastern Partnership

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