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Edition 72  -  17 October 2016

1.   Finlayson uses EKOenergy
2.   More money for fish passages
3.   Climate Fund: more than 350 proposals 
4.   Customer is king: EKOenergy on television
5.   EKOenergy for renewable gas: on schedule
6.   Globe Hope's winter collection: made with EKOenergy
7.   End trade barriers on solar panels

1.   Finlayson uses EKOenergy

Finlayson switches to EKOenergy!

The company is one of the pioneers and pillars of Finnish industrialisation.  Soon after its creation in 1820, Finlayson became the largest industrial enterprise in Northern Europe. In 1882, the Finlayson weaving hall was also the first place in the Nordic countries to have electric lights.

Today, Finlayson is still by far the most loved home design and textile producer in Finland.

Finlayson is a well respected, quality brand. We are very proud to have this frontrunner on our side! Looking forward to working together in Finland, as well as in other counties where Finlayson is active. 

2.    € 800,000 for fish passages

EKOenergy is much more than a set of criteria for renewable electricity. We actively unite consumers. By joining efforts, we can achieve more.

A good example is our work on behalf of rivers. All sellers of EKOenergy certified hydropower pay € 0,10 per MWh sold to EKOenergy's Environmental Fund. But our story doesn't stop there, that is just the beginning. We use the concrete projects which are financed through our Fund, to make others enthusiastic as well.

Since the beginning of this year, we are participating in the ambitious EU LIFE project "Freshabit", to restore rivers in Finland. Partially thanks to our activities, the Finnish government has now also decided to contribute. The State gives € 800,000 to build fish passages on power plants in the Mustionjoki river. This river is the main target area of our "Fish Passage Electricity" project.
"We buy wind energy from Finland and Denmark, provided to us by Nordic Green Energy. When we made the EKOenergy certified electricity contract, we were surprised that we wouldn't pay more. On the contrary, we are now paying less."

Finlayson on their website (in Finnish)

3.    Almost 400 project applications

We have been somehow overwhelmed by reactions to our most recent "Call for climate projects". Almost 400 organisations from about 100 countries have sent us a proposal. We are now reading and sorting through these.

Thanks a lot to all the organisations out there, for your interest in cooperating with us.

We invite our licensed sellers, our consumers and other stakeholders to join the jury. As a member of the jury, you would need to read about 15 project proposals (on average 5 pages per proposal) in December.

In March 2017, we will donate €150,000 to a first group of projects. That's not a lot compared to the huge amount of ideas and proposals. But we are sure that we will convince many more electricity sellers and consumers to join strengths with us in the coming months. More EKOenergy means more money for new climate projects. Let's go for it!

4.    Customer is King : EKOenergy on television

Last week, the very popular Finnish TV show Kuningaskuluttaja (Customer is king in English), did a show focussing on energy.

They broadcasted an interview with Riku Eskelinen, Program manager of EKOenergy. Riku talked about sustainability criteria and about how EKOenergy is a not-for-profit initiative that helps consumers navigate the complex electricity market.

You can rewatch the program here. The interview about EKOenergy starts at 5:50
"More and more consumers are interested in EKOenergy, because we can show concrete results and because our logo is becoming a powerful tool to communicate about 100% sustainable and renewable energy."

Marie Schaardt, presenting (and representing) EKOenergy at the annual conference of Bischoff und Ditze Energy.

5.    Ecolabel for renewable gas : still on schedule

The public consultation about our proposal for an EKOenergy ecolabel for renewable gas, ended officially on 5 October.

Thanks to all who commented!

We have now answered to most of the comments and ideas, and many of them have been integrated in the text.

Comments and thoughts are still very welcome. The aim is still to get this approved by the end of this year.

6.    Globe Hope's winter collection #MadeWithEkoenergy

The Finnish designer Glope Hope has presented its autumn and winter collection.

The company uses EKOenergy in its workplace, and one of the items of the collection, the Murronjoki bag, has been named after the Finnish river where EKOenergy has financed the restoration of spawning areas.

We love to be represented over a variety of different sectors, and now we are in sustainable fashion too.  Thanks!
"We are now using EKOenergy. We support the development of renewable energy with minimal impacts on the environment"

The French company "Lance Verte" on their facebook page, 19 September.


7.   End trade barriers on solar panels

European environmental organisations call upon the European Commission to make an end to trade barriers on solar panels.

"Solar power is one of the key technologies that the European Union needs to effectively decarbonise and meet its Paris Agreement commitments. We are therefore concerned that the current tariffs on imported solar panels are making solar power more expensive and slowing down the deployment of solar power in Europe."

This is also the message of the solar industry. More than 400 companies signed as similar demand: "Despite the global boom in solar power, Europe today holds a worryingly small and shrinking percentage of the annual market. At a time when the European solar market has declined, the sector is in need of measures that will boost demand and not these trade measures which increase cost to our customers, consumers and energy bill payers."
We at EKOenergy are always looking to grow our network. If you want more information about becoming a partner of ours, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 
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