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Edition 80  -  13 March 2017
1.   EKOenergy for the world
2.   190,000 euro for climate projects
3.   Communicating about EKOenergy
4.   "Save our winters": more of this
5.   EKOenergy speakers on events and in the media
6.   Reliable tracking becomes the standard
7.   Renewables and batteries instead of capacity support for fossil fuels

1.    EKOenergy for the world

EKOenergy started in 2013 in Northern Europe. We are now gradually expanding our global reach.

In the green countries EKOenergy is on the market.

In the yellow countries, we are studying the system and preparing to launch. In some of these countries we are already running pilot projects.

In the orange countries, we haven’t been active yet, but we will start contacting local stakeholders soon. There are reliable electricity tracking systems and there are power plants that fulfill our sustainability criteria.

Looking forward to cooperating with you. Anywhere!

2.    190,000 euro for climate projects

For each MWh of EKOenergy sold, the seller contributes at least 0.10 € to our Climate Fund. With this money we finance renewable energy projects.

In 2016 we collected approximately 190,000 € in the Climate Fund.

Around 350 organisations sent us project proposals. After an intensive selection process in which many helped and commented, we have now selected nine projects. These include solar powered mini grids in Togo and Benin, solar panels on health centres in Guinea, and a solar energy shop in Tajikistan. We will publish more information as soon as the contracts are signed.

Thanks to all EKOenergy sellers and consumers. We hope that many will follow your example. This would allow us to finance many more great projects in the coming months and years.
"Protect our winters. Stop using coal and other fossil fuel #Lahti2017"

Finnish minister Kimmo Tiilikainen at the stand of Protect Our Winters and EKOenergy, World Ski Championships, Lahti, Finland

3.    Communicating about EKOenergy

We are actively encouraging our licensed sellers and all EKOenergy consumers to tell about us. 

We're eager to give advice and to provide you with any marketing information you require. Feel free to use and share our leaflets and power point presentations.

Hereafter some of the materials we updated last weeks.
- A basic leaflet in English
- A leaflet in simplified Chinese
- A new leaflet in Turkish
- Our German power point presentation
- Our general leaflet for international events

If you need more tools and materials, let us know. We can provide immediate support in over 15 languages.

4.    "Let's save winter": more of this

Our stand at the World Ski Championships in Lahti, was the last event of this winter's "Let's save winter" campaign. 

We thank the amazing team of Protect our Winters Finland for the great cooperation.

We also thank the winter sports celebrities that spoke out on behalf of 100% sustainable and renewable energy. In case you haven't seen the video in which Enni Rukajärvi's tells about her switch to EKOenergy, you can watch it on her facebook page.

We are ready to launch similar campaigns in other countries where Protect Our Winters is active, in particular in the Nordic countries and in the Alpine countries.
"Those who know us, know that we have always been very concerned about the environment. We have switched to EKOenergy and will use the logo in our communication to show our commitment to a renewable society"

Chocolates Artesanos Isabel, on their website.

5.    EKOenergy speakers in events and in the media

The EKOenergy secretariat hosts a unique group of energy and biodiversity experts, eager to inform and guide energy consumers world wide.

In the coming weeks, we will talk at the RECs Market Meeting, the Sustainable Hydropower Development Conference and the CDP Nordic Spring Workshops.

We thank the organisers for giving us the opportunity to actively participate in these inspiring events and for allowing us to meet so many interesting people. 

In addition, Media Planet (Finland), EKOIQ (Turkey), SolarNews (Spain) and GineersNow (International) published articles about EKOenergy's work.

6.    Reliable tracking becomes the standard

Since 2015, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol recommends companies to buy reliably tracked renewable energy whenever possible.

As a result, in a fast growing number of markets, sellers and buyers are looking for ways to adequately prove the origin of their electricity.  They increasingly make use of the IREC system, which is also the system recommended by EKOenergy for EKOenergy sales in Asia, Africa and South-America.

More recently, several national authorities have entered the scene. For example, in countries such as Mexico and China, the authorities are developing local tracking systems. We follow the situation and we hope that we will soon be able to use these systems to track EKOenergy.

Also worth mentioning: in Europe, the proposal for the new Renewable Energy Directive refers to reliable tracking systems for heat and gas. A good idea!

Picture: Ecohz

7.   Renewables and batteries instead of capacity support for fossil fuels

While many politicians (and companies) are clinging to outdated solutions, leaders such as Tesla's CEO Elon Musk are giving the answers that we and our planet need.

Last week, Elon Musk made an audacious bet to solve South Australia's energy woes by building a 100 megawatt battery storage farm.

South Australia has suffered a slew of power outages in the last six months, including a February blackout during a 104-degree heatwave. There are many reasons, including political ones, behind the blackouts.

The Australian billionaire Cannon-Brookes tweeted to Musk asking him if he could really make this happen if the funds were available and the politics were sorted out. Incredibly, Musk didn't just cement the offer, he wagered that Tesla could do it in less than 100 days or else the whole installation would be given free of charge. "That serious enough for you?" Musk added.

Text (apart from first paragraph) copied from  EcoWatch.
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