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Edition 69  -  25 August 2016

1.   Popular ice hockey team just switched to EKOenergy
2.   Our logo on your products and buildings
3.   Russian version of "Green electricity for LEED" online
4.   Alexander Megos supports EKOenergy
5.   Call for climate projects projects
6.   Carbon emissions have to be cut faster than thought

1.   Popular ice hockey team just switched to EKOenergy

The popular Finnish ice hockey team Mikkelin Jukurit has just switched to 100% EKOenergy. They signed a contract with the local electricity supplier ESE.

And there is more good news: Mikkelin Jukurit also took the decision to actively communicate about EKOenergy. Our logo is visible on their shirts and in the stadium. 

We are of course delighted about this. Ice hockey is the most popular team sport in Finland. Having Jukurit on our side helps us amplify our call for a 100% renewable and sustainable society.

Together with Mikkelin Jukurit, we will actively reach out to other sport clubs and athletes. To be continued.

More information on our website.

2.    Our logo on your products and buildings

More and more companies are using the EKOenergy logo on their buildings, their websites and even on their products.

It is a perfect way to tell others about their commitment to a 100% renewable and sustainable world. 

Click here for examples.

Let us know if you are interested in doing the same! We'll be more than happy to assist you in the process.
"While scientists are busy studying  climate change, the results may not reach out to the public in the way that is intended. I find it important to get the message across to the general public in a way they understand and help them be aware, so that everyone can be a part of the solution."

Scientist Nandita Rajan explains why she also volunteers for EKOenergy. Sentence taken from our most recent blog post "Studying ice in Greenland"

3.    "Renewables & carbon accounting" in Russian

We translated our course "Green Power: How to buy renewable electricity for LEED and carbon accounting" to Russian.

This course is now available on the education platform of the USGBC. Seeзеленая-энергия-покупка-возобновляемой-электроэнергии-для-leed-и-учета-выбросов-у

On youtube, you can find 2 extracts of the course: Введение в системы отслеживания электричества/Гарантии происхождения and Возобновляемое электричество для LEED/учет выбросов углекислого газа/эколейблы.

4.    Alexander Megos supports EKOenergy

Alexander Megos, top-class freeclimber, does not only master the world's most difficult climbing routes, he also wants to promote a 100% renewable world.

On his Facebook and Instagram accounts, he posted messages in support of EKOenergy.

"We have to find and start supporting solutions for our current environmental crisis! Through my sport I have become aware how valuable our nature is. We must work to protect and preserve it! EKOenergy is taking a step in the right direction. it is up to us to join them on this journey!“

Thanks a lot!
"EKOenergy, sustainable renewable electricity is spreading! People show it and it is visible. Great! Energy of the future"

Jukka Kajan and Aino Huotari, after spotting EKOenergy logos in Helsinki, via twitter.

5.    Call for climate projects

Remember that we are welcoming proposals for small scale renewable energy projects in poor areas.

For each MWh of EKOenergy-certified electricity sold, at least €0.10 goes to EKOenergy’s Climate Fund. This money is used to finance renewable energy projects. We are now looking for projects to be financed in 2017 and 2018.

The deadline for submission is 30 September.

Click here for the call for projects.

We also welcome experts, EKOenergy consumers and EKOenergy suppliers to be part of the jury. Jury members can choose themselves at which stage of the selection they want to be involved (preselection / top 30 / top 15). Contact us for more information.

6.   Carbon emissions have to be cut faster than thought

Heatwaves of more than 50⁰C in Iraq and India in recent weeks are yet further indications that climate disruption is a present-day reality, not something for the future that the world can respond to at leisure.

Many climate scientists and energy analysts argue that the current targets for reducing emissions are far too low. This is because carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has a slow rate of circulation, meaning that – even if the rate of emissions is brought under control – there is a considerable 'lag' phase before concentrations are reduced.

Others argue that all coal-fired power-stations worldwide should be closed down by the early 2020s and all use of the internal combustion engine – in cars, trucks, buses and the rest – must end by 2030. This all mandates an almost unbelievable rate of transition, yet such is the growing impact of climate disruption that it is becoming uncomfortably necessary.

Text by Paul Rogers, copied from CommonDreams
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