Newsletter no.12 from Anna Reynolds - June 2016
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You may have seen me popping up on posters around town lately. Yes, I'm running in the Greens team for the Senate, with Senators Peter Whish-Wilson and Nick McKim! 
I enjoy my work at Council, and have much left to do. But this election is an amazing opportunity to have a go at fixing Australia's uninspiring and negative political culture...and doing this at the national level is something that inspires me.
It's easy to get disillusioned about politics, but democracy remains the best solution to run our society in a peaceful and fair way.  It's time to change Australia's political culture - we aren't getting anywhere with two parties in an aggressive winner-takes-all tussle. Parliament is not a football match!
I want to see a new political culture in Australia - one where we stop seeing everything through a narrow prism of 'both parties'. Thankfully there are more than two parties in Australian politics and diversity is good for politics! 
One of the great things about local government is that people from a range of political philosophies and perspectives work together and negotiate outcomes.  Our national parliament would also work better if there was more negotiation and collaboration. The Greens demonstrate in Australia, and in many nations around the world, that they work effectively in government as an alliance partner with other parties. Alliance-building and power-sharing is the kind of politics that will create real change in Australia - and it's already common around the world. 
This election we have new and more democratic Senate voting rules that puts the power in our hands as voters to pick the team we want in parliament. It's also the first time in 30 years that we have a double dissolution - time to have a clean sweep!
New voices for Tasmania in our federal parliament and a bigger diversity of political parties working together to negotiate innovative policy for Australia...that's what inspires me, and why I'm running for the Senate!

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Council news...

Transport in Hobart

The Tasmanian government has proposed to deal with traffic congestion by, among other things, removing places where pedestrians can cross Davey and Macquarie Street. The City Infrastructure Committee (of which I'm a member) recently rejected these proposals.

The idea that pedestrians are part of the problem, rather than part of the solution, says a lot about how the State Government's views are stuck in a bygone era!

I hope that full Council stands strong on this issue when it goes to the vote on 6 June – as we want a city that’s people-friendly, and encourages more people to walk, not less.

Recently Council and UTAS researchers counted the number of pedestrians in multiple points around the city and compared the numbers from the same places in 2010. The results were concerning because the data show an average decrease of 22% in pedestrian traffic across most sites. Some of the decreases can be explained with changes due to new buildings or transport arrangements, but not all.

If we want to see an increase in Hobart residents walking - we need to create a city that is pedestrian friendly, which many people tell me Hobart isn't. The first thing we need to do is to not make matters worse, so that means pushing back on these attempts to remove places for people to cross roads.
Catch the Train

What's not to love about light rail for Hobart?! It's a much smarter use of federal government infrastructure dollars than expensive road expansions which create more congestion and more greenhouse gas emissions. So I was keen to help the
Mums for Alternative Transport group to organise a walk in support of light rail.

Tasmania spends by far the least per person on public transport of all states and territories - and this translates into Hobart having the lowest public transport usage rates of all capital cities in the country. It's no wonder we are stuck in car traffic, when there has been so little investment in alternatives for people.

It's also disappointing to see Tasmania has been forgotten by the Federal government on infrastructure spending. A minuscule 1% of the recently announced infrastructure funding is going to Tasmania. This is way below what would be allocated if it was done as a proportion of GDP or population.

Everyone I speak to is keen to see all levels of government work together to increase public transport options in Hobart. But the community has a role too, with
events like Catch the Train showing the decision makers that this is something people want.


The state government wants this pedestrian crossing on the intersection of Murray and Davey streets to be closed so as not to impede the flow of car traffic.

This pedestrian crossing on the intersection of Harrington and Macquarie Streets is recommended by the state government to be closed.


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