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April 25, 2016

Musical at Grace: Children of Eden in August 2016


Several years ago at Grace we had a series a small and large group conversations about what sorts of programming and opportunities we might look toward now that we are a larger (and growing) congregation made up of several generations. Some of us worried we were in danger of losing what is so right here at Grace—the close-knit community, the all-are-welcome ethos, the all-hands-on-deck mandate etc.—with our larger size. Others insisted we just needed to plan for it, maintain meaningful traditions, try some new ones, inviteinviteinvite, and embrace a "start-it-and-they-will-come" attitude.


One of the ideas that kept coming up was the idea of a congregational musical. Many congregations have a long history of putting on a musical as part of their ministry, their summer programming, their service and worship opportunities. Are we to a place where we could pull off such a thing at Grace, we wondered?


We’ve decided we are! We are excited to announce we are going to have a Grace Summer Musical Event this summer! We will be rehearsing and performing in worship selections from the musical Children of Eden by Stephen Schwartz. Will we do all two+ hours of the musical with lights and make-up and special effects? No. Will we become familiar with the story and learn some of the top hits and add some simple costumes and dance and story? Yes! That is the plan!


(Who is Stephen Schwartz you ask? Same guy who wrote Godspell, Wicked, The Prince of Egypt, Pocahontas, and many others.) Children of Eden is a two-act musical based on the beginning of the Book of Genesis. Act I tells the story of Adam and Eve, Cain, and Abel, and Act II deals with Noah and the Flood. The music is beautiful and the opportunities to really make it ours are plentiful.


Grace's Children of Eden will be an inter-generational effort. We hope whole families and folks from every decade of life will sign up. If you can sing and dance—heck, even if you can't sing and dance!—come be a part of this first journey into the land of Grace musicals. It's going to be so fun! We will find a place for everyone—there are solo parts and chorus parts, dance roles and behind-the-scenes roles, room for the shy and room for the boisterous. Our leaders—Stefan and Kara Wolf and Siri Garnaas—all have a number of community musicals under their belt. They know how to work with all ages and skill sets. So come! All Are Welcome! You will not want to miss our inaugural summer musical.


Details will be coming out in coming weeks, but we want you to know the rehearsal and performance dates to get on your calendar.

Tuesday, August 16th 6-8:30 pm
Wednesday, August 17th 6-8:30 pm

Thursday, August 18th 6-8:30 pm
Saturday, August 20th 9-4 Tech Rehearsal
Sunday, August 21st 8:15 & 10:30 Worship

Stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, listen to some of the Children of Eden music on YouTube, or find yourself a CD (FYI: the music is unavailable on iTunes). Our short rehearsal schedule means we need to be efficient, so we'll need everyone familiar with the music—more on that later. It's doable—we've got a cracker-jack leadership team and we know the Supremely Talented People of Grace are going to show up!

Pastor Melanie

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