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Feminist Webs July 2014

First things first we have a new editor of the newsletter, so I should introduce myself.
My name is Hebe and i've been a feminist webber and a young women's worker for a couple of years now; over the coming months i'll be sharing some bits and bobs that I hope you will find interesting!


July's newsletter is all about media and how women are represented good and bad. Some people are even naming the recent surge in feminist blogging, tweeting and other social media activism as the '4th Wave' of feminism. The internet provides women with a great amount of freedom, and is an amazing platform of opportunity, but  but as always it is at a price.
The comment sections on videos and articles authored by women are not pleasent places to be and women have reported recieving death threats, rape threats and other threats of violence towards themselves and their families. As a result some women are forced to leave the internet when it all gets too much. However, there are still women who are active, resilient and taking the web by storm.

 By Hebe (Editor)
Featured Girl's Group

Kendal Girl's Group

Kendal Girl's Group meet every Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm at Kendal Lads & Girls Club, Bee. The group is open to all young women aged 11-19.
The sessions they run focus on: staying safe out and about, healthy relationships, first gear driving courses, self esteem and positivity workshops and many other topics.

Know some young women in Kendal who'd like to get involved? Email Emma Banks at

Do you have an idea for what a feminist world would look like?

The women over at the Feminist Utopia Project are current accepting essays, short fiction, visual art, maps, poems, lyrics, photos: anything that captures you and your young women's vision

What things would you bin and what would you keep?

The deadline for submissions is July 15th so get busy and email your submission to:

Photoshop and global beauty standards

Esther Honig is a freelance journalist and for her latest project Before & After she sent out images of herself to 40 photoshop fanatics from around the world and instructed them to alter her image to fit the beauty standards which exist in their countries. 

Art by Carol Rossetti

You can view the whole set on her facebook page or alternatively you can see a few more of her images here

Tell the M.E.N which famous Manchester woman deserves a statue!

In Manchester, there is currently only one statue of a woman and it's Queen Victoria however a counsillor from East Didsbury was so inspired by the 'Warp and Weft' exhibition at the town all, he felt that Manchester needed more statues of women.

Take a look at the article and submit your suggestion at the end of the page here

Any webbers interested in having an informal chat to with a student at Salford University who is making a film about gay women's lives in the 1950's?

Cory Mellor is creating a film with salford university regarding women's empowerment, feminism and LGBT women in the 1950s and would like to hear from women who have lived or experienced this time in some way, shape or form.

If you would be willing to have an informal chat (no more than 45 minutes) or to find out more information please email Cory at:
Understanding Girls Work (Women Only)
Monday 7th July 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm at Moss Side Powerhouse 
For women youth workers and volunteers

A stimulating and interactive session for women who want to make their provision more inclusive to girls and young women, and develop girls only sessions and projects which are fun, build confidence and raise aspirations.

To find out more visit the eventbrite page here

Want to do some work with young women around representation, media and the like? Check out some of our resources on the subject here

It was a whopping 4 years ago when Feminist Webs toured the North West with their campaign for positive body image, but have our attitutes to our bodies and changed at all and what about the young women we work with? Is it all down to the world around us and the negative messages we are bombarded with everyday.

Watch one of the animations a group of young women made during the tour 'More Than A Face'
Statistic: 40% of Afghanistan’s skateboarders are female.100 % of those are tough as nails.

Feminst Frequency

Anita Sarkeesian's Youtube channel 'Feminist Frequency' is video webseries that has been actively exploring and reporting on the representation of women in pop culture since 2009. Her lastest collection of videos â€˜The Tropes vs Women in Video Games’, Sarkeesian gives us a whistlestop tour of the plot devices and patterns often associated with women characters in video games, helping us to see the bigger picture.

Check out her channel here
Limor Fried

Limor "Ladyada" Fried is a MIT engineer, open source hardware and software pioneer, and entrepreneur. She is the founder of the educational electronics company Adafruit. Her goal was to create the best place online for learning electronics and making the best-designed products for makers of all ages and skill levels. Fried was the first female engineer on the cover of WIRED magazine, an EFF Pioneer Award recipient, and was recently awarded Entrepreneur magazine's Entrepreneur of the Year. Go Limor!

Read more about her here
Everyday Sexism #letshoesbeshoes

A mother visited the Clarks store in Westfield, Stratford and was horrified to find gender-stereotyped notices above the boys’ and girls’ shoes, she was outraged and started an online petition to challenge why clarks and other copanies are still using these methods to advertise their products, 5,946 people have signed so far.

Do you agree? Sign here
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