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‘Dysthymia’ will be in Digital Stores on the 12th of July.

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VOODOO IN BLUE Release 'Dysthymia' Single

Dysthymia is a new song, an anthem, for overcoming long-term depression. It is the first single release of US-Australia band, Voodoo in Blue.

The song tells the story of a band member’s journey, the triumph over this illness, through the realisation that the ‘darkness’ is not your enemy. As Voodoo In Blue’s singer and songwriter Kyle McMenemy explains “Dysthymia is an artistic portrayal of how the ‘menace’ meets the ‘mender’ using a paradoxical music theme; with a somewhat dark and foreboding guitar and bass line juxtaposed with a bright beat and positive melody”. Kyle maintains that when you have integrated this juxtaposition, there is strength in knowing that the darkness is not your enemy. Dysthymia depicts a journey to embrace hardship and stop blaming the darkness.

With an impressive back catalog of over a hundred songs, hardened by tireless gigging and tours across Western Australia and the western USA, the release of Dysthymia will empower a series of EPs that seek to draw on Rock’s tireless tropes, coax out the persistent demons and honestly explore the challenges and catharsis of 3 chords and some soul.

‘Voodoo in Blue is one of the most interesting and understatedly accomplished bands we’ve heard in a long while…’ - The Rockpit 

As an independent band, Voodoo In Blue has received airplay on commercial and independent radio in the US and Australia.  They are recording their debut album following on from the success of their self-titled debut EP released in 2016.  We know that the sun lives in the abyss of darkness and yet, look how brightly it shines.  We all can shine amongst darkness. You are too late, Dysthymia

For Fans Of: Nirvana | The Stone Roses | Green Day

‘Dysthymia’ will be in Digital Stores on the 12th of July.

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