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April Newsletter

EUPA Rebranded

Several months ago, the Board of Directors began to discuss how EUPA is and would like to be perceived. This discussion lead to much debate over our organization name not properly representing who we are. As such we began to search for new options for EUPA....

We are pleased to announce that effective today, April 1st, EUPA has officially changed its name to Edmonton Ultimate Playa's Association!

We feel that this name represents a more youthful and hip feel for our organization while keeping us connected to our roots. The Board feels strongly that this new name will better allow EUPA to connect with the youth of today and make us more "cool".

For more details on EUPA's rebranding to the Edmonton Ultimate Playa's Association visit our website.

Mayor Iveson to Submit Summer Team

Have you ever desired to run the City but felt you lacked experience, charisma, and work ethic? 

Now you can do it, without having any of those important qualities. After some persuasion, Mayor Don Iveson, a long time Ultimate fan has convinced those down at City Hall to embrace Edmonton's growing Ultimate scene. "Iveson and his Merry Councillors" will be making a bid for Tier 5, with Mayor Iveson serving as captain to some of the newbies.

Enthusiasm is high among some of the younger Councillors, with Andrew Knack (Ward 1) commenting that he is "ready to personally meet with every Ultimate player in the city" if it means a chance at victory. Bev Esslinger (Ward 2) has some understandable concerns about the lack of female Councillors available for the team. "I've heard that playing with no extra players is called 'playing savage' and I don't like the sounds of that at all." It is likely they will be looking for some female subs.

A former recreational player, but competitive opponent at heart, Iveson has agreed to up the ante. "Any team within our tier that is able to beat us will have control of the city for 1 hour." However, don't think it will be too easy, Don is 6'-4" with a 70 yard flick, and his Councillors are looking forward to picking up whatever he is throwing down.

Click here to Check out Iveson's full roster! 

EUPA Contest

Go to the World Ultimate Club Championships

As many of you may know, this summer the World Ultimate Club Championships are being held in Lecco, Italy. FigJam from Calgary has agreed to take one winner of this EUPA contest on their roster for this tournament. The winner will have the chance to be part of the team by acting as team Athletic Support for the week!

In this role, you will have the chance to re-fill water bottles for the players and get out on the field to bring them water during time-outs! You'll get to know the players well as you collect and wash thier jerseys every night, and bring them breakfast every morning! As you will be on call 24 hours a day for the tournament, you will be a vital part of the team's success!

This is a once in a life time opportunity and you don't want to miss out!
Visit our website to enter today!

Note: No costs for this trip will be covered by EUPA. We're just happy to be able to give you all this opportunity to go!

Rule of the Month

12th Edition Rules

As of April 17, EUPA is adopting the USAU 12th edition rules for Ultimate. Some of the changes are technical and unlikely to come up in ordinary play, but many of the rules will have a real impact on an average league game. As a result, we are forgoing the usual “Rule of the Month” to provide a cross section of rules which are changing, effective this summer.
Captain’s clauses: It remains open for opposing Captains to make agreements modifying the rules of Ultimate. To avoid disputes, however, Captains are required to reduce any such agreement to writing, prior to the start of the game. Captains are strongly encouraged to bring two pieces of government-issued ID, to avoid any pre-game delay in notarizing the agreement.
Stall counting: In an effort to reduce the prevalence of “fast count” violations, the new rules require that the marker use a three-syllable (or longer) word to mark the space between stall counts. While it is not strictly required, EUPA is recommending the use of the word “brontosaurus” due to its cadence and ease of pronunciation. Otherwise, the stalling rules are unchanged: the disc is down if the marker reaches the second “t” in “brontosaurus ten”.
Changes to travel calls and endzone: Players are no longer required to stop running upon taking possession of the disc. However, they are no longer permitted to advance the disc with their hands. Instead, players are required to advance the disc by striking it with their feet. Possession is not lost when the disc touches the ground, but rather when it is no longer within reach of the possessing player.
It is no longer required to receive a pass in the endzone, to score. Instead, a player scores by moving the disc between two posts erected at the back of the playing area.
Lastly, the rules now require that a disc be 22cm in diameter and spherical.
Contact rule: If a player (whether on offence or defence) becomes lonely, he or she may call “contact”. Upon the call, the nearest opposing player is required to approach the caller, and gently rub his or her shoulders. If the opposing player fails to comply with the contact rule, a violation may be called. In that case, play is stopped. It resumes only after players from both teams form a circle, sway back and forth, and softly sing the first verse of “Stand by Me”.

To review the full 12th Edition rules and further clarification of these changes click here.
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