A little taste of what has been happening here in Haiti!
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It has been incredible to be back in Haiti. I can see God is at work all around me. Our clinic continues to educate and promote nutrition and exercise to fight against the incidence of strokes. We have weekly exercise, weight loss and stroke classes and are seeing there impact as individuals are loosing weight and decreasing there BP. It has been harder to culturally change the diets, but we continue to educate. We also are seeing patients within days after the stroke and are working to teach them this is not a curse they can learn to do things again for themselves. Often they remain confined into their homes and completely dependent for care by their families. Slowly that perception is changing.

Monthly we are doing community education on topics such as Chikungunya, Diabetes/Stroke, Exercise, Nutrition, and the integration of people with disabilities. Our clinic is a place people with disabilities are given hope, love, and an opportunity to be seen as the unique gifts that they are not as someone that has been cursed, possessed, or incapable. Those beliefs have been ingrained into this culture for a long time. But slowly we are seeing the impact of what God is doing as children with disabilities are getting to go to school; adults with disabilities are given opportunities to work; parents with children with disabilities are finding ways to keep their children and not place them in orphanages; and our patients are doing things they did not think were possible.


I was blessed to recently have 2 PT students from UT Memphis for 5 weeks. They had a blast learning and helping make adaptive equipment. We continue to work towards training a Haitian in this much needed skill. 
We have a new baby stimulation class where we screen for delays and help teach mothers how to care for and promote the  development of their babies. We have caught some babies that are in need of therapy. We have also helped many learn to crawl, which is not common here, but an important skill that can later impact reading, writing, and walking. 
Thank you for ALL your continued love, prayers, and support of this work. If you would like to support the work and don't know how you can by clicking on my website link and then going to the support me page.
March 7th we had our 4th annual community 2k run with our moto "we run to give life". That is exactly what we are doing when we help individuals manage their BP, diets and engage in exercise. We had 80 runners of all ages come participate.  Here with an 83 year old patient celebrating her finish.
We are very excited to have Raymond the rehab tech we have supported going to school back with us in May. He has completed his 2 year school among the top of his class. He is excited to come back to serve alongside our staff and continue to bring hope and healing to those in need.
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