IBEI Alumni News #7
Spring 2020
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The IBEI annual meeting will take place in June 2021

After close consultation with our Alumni Council and other members of our IBEI community, and due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we made the decision late in April to postpone the First Annual Alumni Meeting that was meant to take place on June 20, 2020 in Barcelona. We have been working to find a new date, and this is June 19, 2021, same place, in Barcelona. We will keep you posted on every important step we make.

Over the time we had been designing the event, some alumni wrote to us to suggest ideas, to bring up initiatives. They are still really welcome. The idea is to start the meeting Friday, late in the afternoon and do the core event on Saturday. We thought about starting with sport activities near the beach. Then we thought about meeting at IBEI and celebrate several workshops related to diverse fields of your professional careers, have lunch and a plenary meeting to share all the topics raised. Last but not least, we thought of having a final dinner-party in a fancy place near the seaside. Do not hesitate to write to us to let us know your opinions and suggestions.

Results of the Professional Career Survey

According to the results of the job placement questionnaire that was sent in the second half of 2019, almost 90% of respondents recommend the Master’s taught at the IBEI.

The results reflect the data from the job placement questionnaire of IBEI students who graduated in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.
It is the fourth time that the survey has been conducted and the project aims to collect every two years the; employment situation, taking into account variables such as the entry into the job market, their professional conditions and the influence of the training received at the IBEI. The response rate has remained around 30% on the last three occasionsBased on the data obtained, it can be stated:
  • that the majority of the graduates who respond are satisfied with the training obtained at the IBEI, that the academic aspect is highly valued.
  • that at a professional level, the vast majority gets a job after not a very long period of time (less than a year.
  • that’s a little over half of graduates are working in their home country,
  • that the tasks they carry out are not far from the training received at IBEI,
  • that their professional responsibilities vary between graduates. They acquire more technically complex responsibilities as time goes by, highlighting the significant
  • percentage of students who earn more than € 40,000,
  • that the majority of graduates work in international global institutions, both public and private, without depreciating the percentage of respondents who work in international institutions.
If you want more information, click here.

#IBEIAlumni Professional Chats

A series of alumni webinars organized by the alumni community will be offered as of September 2020 during the next academic year. The objective of this initiative is to share career profiles and professional challenges among alumni.

The first alumni webinar will take place the first week of September and these webinars will be offered regularly. 

The Alumni page of Books with an international perspective

On the occasion of the World Book’s Day, and the feast of Sant Jordi / Saint George, one of the most original local celebrations that takes place on April 23 in Barcelona, the alumni programme fostered a new initiative: The Alumni Page of Books with an International Perspective.
The initiative aimed at sharing within the alumni community the last book read or a book recommendation. It could be a novel, a biography, an academic book, fiction, an essay, etc. The sole criterion was that it should deal with an International look, a Global perspective. The participation was rich and here you have the list of books recommended by our alumni.


Under this hashtag, we would like to encourage you to write with maximum 240 characters any ideas, memories, best practices, dreams, future plans related to 'your IBEI', and post them on Facebook and / or Twitter. This action will enable future students to catch the spirit of our IBEI community, specifically of our alumni community who are, in the end, their peers and mentors. As a response to your kindly contribution, we would like to give a book from our IBEI researchers to the 3 posts that reach the highest range. You can grasp the list here.

The campaign will start on Tuesday June 3 and will finish on June 30, 2020.  

Crowdfund Call from Felipe Ochoa, an IBEI Alumnus who lives in Ecuador and volunteers for the NGO Ecuadorian Center for Rights & Diversities)

Alumnus Felipe Ochoa (Master in International Relations 2017-2018) lives in Ecuador, one of the most affected countries by Coronavirus’ crisis. The quarantine has affected hundreds of families in extreme poverty in his country. For this reason, some of his friends and himself, in coordination with an NGO (Ecuadorian Center for Rights and Diversities), initiated a fundraising in order to help at least 2.000 families with basic provisions. He decided to extend the invitation to contribute to all IBEI alumni. If you are interested in this initiative please click here

IBEI Alumni participated in a series of Webinars to get to know our master’s programmes

Last May, the IBEI organized a series of webinars to get to know its master’s programmes and attract new students. We had the fortune to count with the contribution of four IBEI alumni: Fran Perez (2006-2007), Rósín Drury (2006-2007), Jennifer Mackie (2008-09) and Ambiorix Feliz (2008-09). 
They explained with an enthusiastic and professional manner their human and academic experience at IBEI. It was so nice to hear from them, especially in terms of attracting the attention of future students, who are willing to join the institute. We thank them very much for their effort.

Join our community

In the new digital platform that gathers #IBEIalumni, graduates can share their professional interests. They can contact peers in view of that and identify if they work in the same region.
See the professional interests of our alumni and join the community!

IBEI Annual Report

The 2019 Annual Report details our main teaching and research activities, and contains data and other information relating to our academic endeavours. It highlights the intricacies of teaching and research dynamics at IBEI.

You can read it online and download it in PDF version.

Professional Stories

Ana García Juanatey
Master's in International Relations 2006-07, currently working as Professor at CEI International Affairs, Barcelona (Spain).
Manuel Herrera
Master's in International Security 2017-18, currently working as Intelligence Analyst at Accenture, Lisbon (Portugal).
Mina Popović
Master's in International Relations 2013-14, currently working as Programme Assistant at The South Eastern and Eastern Europe Clearinghouse for the Control of Small Arms and Light Weapons/UNDP), Belgrade (Serbia).
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