Welcome to the Splendid Peacock Quill-Along!
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Welcome to the Splendid Peacock Quill-Along!

I'm so excited to quill with you.

It's finally here: The first installment of the Splendid Peacock Quill-Along! I am so excited to share how to make this project with you and for the first time since I launched this platform, quill alongside you in real time! There will be further details below in this email, but for the duration of this project, I will be quilling this project LIVE on Tuesday & Thursday evenings. You will be able to stop in at your convenience to see how I managed something, ask any questions you may have in the rolling chat, request for me to go over something again that you may have found a bit tricky and just chat with me and all of the other quillers who are also making this project. Please do not worry if you cannot attend any of the live streams - all of the videos will be archived if you wish to watch them and all of the instructions will still be emailed to you. The Q-A Facebook group is also always there for you to get your questions answered as well. It should be a fun project and I hope to meet you all at some point in the live sessions!

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LIVE Quilling Sessions

This project will be quilled LIVE on Twitch.TV  With an account, you will be able to view the stream & chat in the rolling dialogue*. I will be able to read anything you write and answer questions as they come up. You will also be able to help me out by answering other quiller's questions as well if you know the answer! 
*Please note that my beautiful daughter Marnie will be moderating the chat, so please continue to be your lovely selves & be extra nice :)
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Q-A Live Schedule
Tuesdays & Thursdays 6-8

I have recently launched this platform as a way to interact with people (quillers & others alike) in a more real way as I spend so much time quilling in the studio. I will be quilling live at many other times during the week as well, so if you cannot make the scheduled Q-A times, please feel free to drop in during any live session (the full schedule is on the Twitch page) to ask questions or just hang out & chat.
*** This tutorial assumes that you know more than the basics of quilling and does not cover shapes nor many things we have already covered in previous Quill-Alongs etc. If you are a beginner, please first check out this free Basic Shapes Guide and then peruse the past mosaic projects before attempting this one :)
Basic Quilling Shapes
Additional Projects & Tutorials
Let's Begin!
Supplies For The Week:
  • Background (printed or painted)
  • 1/4" x 17" Quilling paper strips in 12 colors
  • Quilling Glue
  • Quilling Tool
  • Scissors
  • Spray adhesive (optional)
Each week's portion of the project will contain about 3-4 hours worth of quilling. The entire project should take approximately 4 weeks to complete.
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Print Or Draw Your Background 
Before we can start quilling, you will need to create your surface to quill on. I have made a free downloadable & printable PDF of a peacock outline that I will be using to showcase this project but you are welcome to draw or paint one of your own*.  If you choose to use my outline, please print it on a heavy weighted paper or card stock and then follow the instructions below.
*Please note that if you draw your own outline, the quantities of paper needed may differ.
Download Outline Now
This is the outline I will be using for my example piece. I know it looks like a turkey, but not for long! I printed mine out on colored card stock, but you could also color/paint it in for an alternate background.
This process was covered in previous Q-A's, so I won't go over all of the options here, but below you will find links to the videos that will guide you through the How-To's if you are in need :)
This process was covered in previous Q-A's, so I won't go over all of the options here, but below you will find links to the videos that will guide you through the How-To's if you are in need :)
Printable Background Video
Paint Your Own Background Video
Additional Option
For this particular example, I am using a print out of the provided outline. I printed it on a lightweight card stock (it looks white but it's actually pink), trimmed it down to 8x10 size, sprayed the back with adhesive and then adhered it to an piece of chipboard that measures 11x14.
Bagging & Tagging
It is extremely important to keep track of your paper and quantities in this project. You will use up almost all of the 12 packs needed and if you use a color that was actually needed somewhere else... well, then you might run short. I recommend re-bagging your 12 color packs as I show in the article linked to below (scroll down to The Repackaging Method) and then labeling each color with a letter (A-L)
*Labeling for those who ordered the peacock paper set is listed below.
The Repackaging Method
*Please forgive the weird shadows. My camera appears to pick up shadows from the LED lighting that I could not see with my naked eyes!
How To Label - Peacock Paper Set colors listed in ()
A) Outlines (Peaceful Skies)
B) Beak & Other (Peri Van Winkle)
C) Head Color (Goofy Grimace)
D) Body Color (Royal Throne)
E) Rolled Boarder Color (What's Up Buttercup)
F) Contrast Color #1 (Razzmatazz Cat)
G) Contrast Color #2 (Spicy Mudbug)
H) Feather Color #1 (Peeking Pistachio
 I) Feather Color #2 (School Break Swell)
J) Feather Color #3 (Appletini)
K) Feather Color #4 (Down By The Bay)
L) Feather Color #5 (Veggie Garden)

Outline Your Bird

  • Take four strips of color A and glue them together (one on top of the other) to form a strong, thick strip for outlining.  
  • Pre-form your strip to match the curves of the bird (2 sections works well).
  • Draw a strip of glue along each side and put in place your outline until securely fastened.
  • Glue a small scrap of paper around the beak to secure the seam.

Add the Features

  • Roll a closed coil with half a strip of color B using your quilling tool and shape it into a triangle shape.
  • Glue down and into place within the beak space
  • Slightly round the base of the triangle
  • Cut a small piece of the boarder strip you made earlier to size and insert against the base.
  • Quill a closed coil with 1/4 strip of color B and shape into a marquis.
  • Glue into place
  • Roll a closed coil using 3/4 strip of color A and shape into a marquis.
  • Roll a tight closed coil using 1/8 of a strip of color D.
  • Gently open the center of the marquis shape using either your quilling tool or quilling tweezers.
  • Insert closed coil into the center of the marquis. 
  • Glue down and into place.

Fill In The Head

  • Cut each strip of color C into various lengths (no part should be an longer than 1/4 of a strip). Use as many strips as you need.
  • Create closed coils with the lengths and glue down and into place.

Fill In The Body

  • Using 1 entire strip of color D, roll a closed coil and shape into a triangle.
  • Glue as shown to the base of the neck.
  • Fill in the remainder of body with marquis shapes as shown in the image above. Each coil is made with one whole strip of color D.

Make The Fluff. Yes, that is the technical term.

How to make the teardrops:
  •  Roll a closed coil using 1/4 strip of color H.
  • Shape into teardrop.
  • Secure 1/8 of a strip of color E to an outside edge with a bit of glue.
  • Wrap the strip around the teardrop and glue to secure.
*You will need 38 teardrops in total.
  • Place your first teardrop in the center of the circle on the outline with the pointed end touching the body of the bird.
  • Complete the row closest to the body first.
  • Once ready for the second row, glue two teardrops together like a heart and place in the center. Build out from there.
  • For the two remaining segments, first glue three teardrops together before placing to make it easier.
Don't fret if you get stuck or need help! Check in with me on the LIVE stream tomorrow night or during any of my scheduled streams and I will be more than happy to help you out.
Next Week:

We will continue to outline and fill in the circle around the bird and learn how to make the cool rolled border.
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I'll be in touch next Monday!  

xoxo, Erin
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