Regaining Your Focus In Just One Minute? It Is Possible!
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Micro Meditation

A New YOU In Just
60 Seconds!


I’m pleased to report that the Magic Quarter-Second I described in our last newsletter resonated with many DRIVEN Professionals. Have you put this knowledge into action yet for yourself? Did a moment of clarity steer you away from an action that wasn’t the smartest to take?
This week I’d like to share with you another micro technique that works remarkably well despite its minimal time commitment. It’s the Mini-Minute Meditation. That’s right, a one-minute meditation! Did you know that in just one minute’s time, your brain’s neurons can realign? (Bonus: Did you know that a 20-second hug releases enough oxytocin to make the other person trust you more?) This minute of Zen is the ideal way to center your focus after you’ve been doing tedious work. Try it the next time you’ve finished a high-stakes phone conversation or when you get rattled because your MS Word froze and terminated your perfectly-worded document midway through.
You can also think of this Mini-Minute Meditation as a gentle transition to your next project. Here’s how to start: Just close your eyes and stay conscious of your breathing for one minute. Perhaps you’ll focus on your nostrils by feeling the sensation of cool air entering. Or, you might consider focusing on your chest expanding with “possibility”, and then contracting to release tension. You can even focus on your belly filling with energy with each breath. When you look at it this way, one minute can seem like a mini-vacation.
Too busy to try this at your desk? That’s no excuse….it just takes one minute! After you finish your next project or task, I challenge you to give yourself a ‘way to go’ to build that confidence momentum. Then bridge into your next activity by nourishing your spirit and your mind for just one minute. Your reward will be a greater focus on your next task, which will in turn snowball into great rewards in your future!
To learn more, and to further your overall understanding of personal energy, be an attendee of DRIVEN’s Workshop Series exploring Personal Energy Management. Sign up today and reacquaint with your inner focused self.

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Your Next Tip For Enhanced Personal Energy

DRIVEN’s weekly video tips for gaining and maintaining personal energy are created especially for you, to assist in your pursuit of a civilized, organized, personalized life. This week’s tip is a supplement to my Mini Minute Meditation technique, and it will not only put into focus how effective this brief episode can be, but it will serve as a quick reminder for you to return to again and again.The video is a 60-second commitment, and you can link to it HERE. If you missed last week's tip on celebrating small successes, it's still available HERE.
Foodie Insider

When you think BBQ sauce, it doesn't always have to conjure images of sweet, sticky, messy spare ribs. Think of it also as a condiment and a creative way to accent almost any dish, carnivorous or vegetarian. ThunderSnout BBQ Sauce, invented in Deborah's home town in Westchester by a dear friend is the product we're getting at, and it can be used to add "pop" to everything from coleslaw to black bean soup. Read their fascinating story HERE, and link HERE to order some for your arsenal! 
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