Secular Sunday #192 - Top of the Table || 30 August, 2015
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Derek WalshThe idea that schoolteachers shouldn't tell some of the children in their care that their parents' religion is false, is not one I would expect to be controversial, but David Quinn of the Iona "Institute" has called the idea that schools can achieve this minimum level of inclusiveness "delusional". He seems to believe that for a school to function properly it must pick a religion and then ensure that everyone in the school behaves as if that religion were true. He doesn't seem to mind which religion, which, i suppose, is progress of a sort.

- Derek Walsh, Editor



Information Table

The Atheist Ireland Information table has now been operating on a monthly basis in Dublin for three years, and Brendan Maher has taken the opportunity to write a piece on the history of this very successful project. He rather modestly understates his own efforts which have been key to the ongoing success of the table. Brendan and others will be at the table outside the GPO next Saturday and the first Saturday of every month.

Schools Equality PACT

Schools Equality PACTThe Irish Times has published an article by Michael Nugent on the Schools Equality PACT, Atheist Ireland's campaign for religious equality in Irish schools

Our petition has over 1,600 signatures. Please sign it and share it as widely as possible.



Upcoming Events

All events are free and open to everyone unless otherwise stated. Listing is not necessarily an endorsement. Listings sorted alphabetically by county, then chronologically.


Saturday 5 September, 12:00 noon - 2:00 pm, GPO, O'Connell St., Dublin 1 (map)
Atheist Ireland Information Table. September marks the third anniversary of the first table. We have managed to set up a table every single month braving all kinds of weather conditions along the way. We want to thank Atheist Ireland member Brendan Maher for taking the lead and starting the first Atheist information table in Ireland. Event page

Sunday 13 September, 1:00 pm, Trinity City Hotel, Pearse Street, Dublin 2 (map)
Secular Sunday Brunch. A family-friendly social event. Event page

Saturday 26 September, 1:30 pm, Garden of Remembrance, Dublin 1 (map)
Atheist Ireland will be taking part in the 4th Annual March for Choice on Saturday 26th September. The march is organised by Abortion Rights Campaign and will coincide with the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion. Event page


Sunday 30 August, 1:00 pm, Anno Santo Hotel, Threadneedle Road, Salthill (map)
Secular Sunday Brunch. A family-friendly social event. Event page


Sunday 13 Se[tember, 12:00 noon, Gallys Bar, Castlemaine Road, Tralee (map)
Secular Sunday Brunch. A family-friendly social event. Event page


Wednesday 16 September, 8:00 pm, Absolute Hotel, Sir Harry's Mall, Limerick (map)
The Mid West Humanists will meet. (Ask at the hotel reception for a card key to get up the lift to the meeting, which is usually on the third floor.) The Mid West Humanists are now on Facebook and Twitter.


Sunday 13 September, 12:30 pm, a Casa Mia, Tobergal Lane, Sligo (map)
Secular Sunday Brunch. A family-friendly social event. Event page


Sunday 6 September, 12:00 noon, Radisson Blu Hotel, Northgate St,, Athlone (map)
Secular Sunday Brunch. A family-friendly social event. Event page


30 August

International Day of the Disappeared

This Week in History

Anniversaries of momentous events in atheism, science, skepticism, secularism and human rights, plundered shamelessly from Wikipedia and other sources.

1 September

1914: The last Passenger Pigeon, a female named Martha, dies in captivity in the Cincinnati Zoo.

5 September

1977: Voyager 1 is launched after a brief delay.  



1 September

1868: Chapman Cohen (d. 1954): English freethought writer and lecturer, editor of The Freethinker and president of the National Secular Society.

6 September

1809: Bruno Bauer (d. 1882) German philosopher, theologian and historian, the first proponent of the Jesus myth hypothesis.


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ISIS – why killing your soul is worse than killing your body

by Bock the Robber

Bock the RobberISIS is destroying Palmyra. It’s systematically taking the ancient city to pieces, with no regard for history or tradition, and what it’s doing is vile, but yet there’s a line of thinking that seeks to shut down such thinking because after all, what’s an old temple when people are being murdered?
Go away.
You can kill me with a bullet. You can kill me with an axe. If I’ve created a special place for you in my heart, you can even kill me with a word, but that’s all right. Who’ll be dead except me?
Who’ll be heartbroken?
My children.
My friends.
Who’ll celebrate? Perhaps one or two religious fanatics I’ve argued with, but that will be it. I’ll be gone and in time, my memory will fade. You could even argue, as some do, that there is no such thing as me or you. That when you lie down to sleep you might as well die, since you have no certainty when you wake up that you are the same person. Read more

Rosanna Davison - Eat Yourself Wootiful

by Geoff Lillis

Geoff Shorts  Ireland has something of a reputation for literature. The contributions of our playwrights, poets and dramatists far exceeds what one would expect from a nation of our size and it was likely with this cultural talking point in mind that the Independent chose to run an intolerably long advertisement for Rosanna Davison's foray into the world of pretend medicine: a book called Eat Yourself Beautiful.
"[Davison] cites research that shows gluten to be the bad guy responsible for a huge range of medical conditions from autism spectrum disorders to schizophrenia to arthritis."
It seems this season that gluten is the new fluoride. Naturally, Arthritis Ireland have dismissed this tosh. Others greet this claim of research with a world weary sigh, confident that those in the field of pretend medicine use the term 'research' in a manner unrecognisable from the medical understanding. Twitter got quite upset. Read more

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