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My dear fellow hedonists,

it has been an eventful year. I have not even been able to write a newsletter yet, because since the pandemic situation has allowed activities again, the events have been pouring in!

Finally workshops, retreats, lectures, travels could take place again. Again time to explore the full spectrum of sensations, of eros and emotions. Time again, for refined, deep BDSM play, bodywork and physical touch on a high level, to heal wounds and to de-clutter the inner field.

My brand new studio in central Berlin offers space for long-awaited sessions, bodywork, kink and self-awareness. With the new format CELEBRATING FLINT* we are opening up braver spaces for queer folks. In October, I'm looking forward to a continuation of the sensual pushing of borders with Earth, Wind & Fire. The calendar for 2022 is already full to the brim - and also includes a number of events in Austria.

And good news for bondage fans: in 2022 we have prepared not only an annual training, but also a retreat on Corfu for you!

Especially turbulent times need anchorage - a commitment to unconditional heart power. But they are also: a chance for transformations of all kinds. I invite you to follow along. 

Warmly yours,

Save the Date: Workshops & Retreats

Schedule 2021:

16. - 17.10.21: Earth, Wind & Fire - module 3: FIRE (Cologne)
12.11.21: When Bodies Speak: panel and workshop (Online - German Only)
20. - 21.11.21: Earth, Wind & Fire - module 4: AIR (Cologne)
10. - 12.12.21:  Rope Makes Sense - bondage workshop  (Dresden)

Schedule 2022:

25. - 27.02.22: Bondage Year Group - part 1 (Dresden)
25. - 27.03.22: Bondage Year Group - part 2 (Dresden)
22. - 24.04.22: Bondage Year Group - part 3 (Dresden)
09. - 15.05.22: Earth, Wind & Fire Retreat (Munich)
25. - 26.06.22: Marlen @ Zwischenwelten (Zurich, details to follow)
04. - 10.07.22: FLINT* Retreat (Berlin)
03. - 04.08.22: Marlen @ Zwischenwelten (Zurich, details to follow)
01. - 08.10.22: Bondage Retreat (Corfu, Greece, Details to follow)
12. - 16.10.22: Retreat with Schwelle Wien (Zell am See, Austria, details to follow)
29. - 30.10.22: Marlen @ Zwischenwelten (Zurich, details to follow) 

Back in Business: Personal Sessions with Marlen
(c) Toni Karat
Each of my sessions involves an intense encounter with a strong, se+ually confident and self-contained woman for you. I provide you with an unforgettable sensual experience and you can experience the magic of letting go. I touch you not only with my hands but with my whole body, play with elements of bondage, BDSM and Tantra. Consciousness and ecstasy are compatible! 

In the new rooms we can also spend more extended time together; intense erotic highs require time, cultured conversation, champagne and pure lust for life. Book one of my escort offers and spend a whole evening or a day with me. 

You have questions, or are interested in a session with me? Just contact me at For October I am already pretty booked out, but I can still accept single requests. 

Read more about my offers and conditions here. I also offer online coaching, bondage or (non-classic) se+dates. 

Disclaimer: Physical and se+ual services are allowed again in Germany. I am doubly vaccinated and adhere to all Corona rules. If you are as well vaccinated against or recovered from Covid19, I will be happy to meet you in person.
New Space in Berlin: Studio 2.0
Time for change. In the middle of the corona crisis, I decided to relocate and now practice in different, larger and high-quality surroundings. I invite you to experience experimental, extraordinary, heartfelt and erotic sessions together with me in my new rooms.

Above the rooftops of Berlin with a view of the "Reichstag" and the "Siegessäule", we can enjoy an aperitif or some chillout afterwards. I'm also open to longer meetings now as we can hang out in different rooms, dine, chat or pursue other pleasures to frame a successful session.

I'm still very much in the transformation process, just building the scaffolding for the hanging bondage. So the photos document a work in progress. I look forward to seeing you!
Let's celebrate: The FLINT* series continues!
The experience of up to now four FLINT* workshops and the feedback of the participants (sorry, for now only available in German!) has confirmed to me just HOW important it is to create spaces for women, lesbians, trans* and inter, as well as non-binary people. 

Feminine socialization, sexism, homophobia, discrimination against queer people, and a society's inability to understand gender as a spectrum often make it difficult for FLINT* people to have a fear-free, self-determined, and self-celebrating se+ual self-image. 

With the FLINT* workshops and next year's FLINT* Retreat, we are building containers where a group of queer people build confidence and take risks. For this, each* individual is needed.

Magical spaces don't happen by themselves - we have to create them.
Outlooks & Retrospective

Into the den of (abolitionist) lions

Researcher Susanne Dodillet and I are facing Sabine Constabel from the anti-se+ work organization Sisters e.V in an epic online-panel. You can find the whole video and the teaser (both in German) and more background info in English here on my blog.


Liberation of the se+es

My conversation with cultural provocateur Veit Lindau was about the question of what a real liberation of the se+es might look like. Big question? We thought so too! Will be uploaded soon in the video podcast of homodea.

Body Talks 

Se+ work can go hand in hand with therapeutic processes and accompany people in their personal development. For the German Association for Systemic Therapy, I will contribute  to this intriguing topic with a workshop and panel: "Love, se+ and tenderness - how to talk about it with clients".

Talking before, about and during se+ ... makes se+ better!

At this year's Female Future Force Day of EDITION F (German only, unfortunately) I had the pleasure to hold a masterclass on the topic of se+ual communication. You will find a video of this soon on my website.


Event Tip

16 - 18 Oct |Berlin| Feminist Po+nfilm Award Europe

I first came in contact with the PorYes Award over 12 years ago and it opened my eyes, ears and pus+y! Being immersed in a world where female* se+ualities are so celebrated, confidently performing and making a political statement as well, has also significantly influenced my path into feminist se+work. Come to Berlin on October 16, buy tickets, support the event by buying this great poster, celebrate the expressions of queer se+ualities and their great filmmakers and of course the team around Laura Meritt , who makes this event possible every two years.

P.S.: The denigration of language (se+uality) in this newsletter wasn’t my idea, but rather a result of most email providers’ prude politics. If I spelled out everything that’s fun, this newsletter would probably land in your spam filter.

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