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Community is getting buzzy for brands. While good for Loyal and all of our careers, it's not necessarily positive, or even interesting, for consumers. With attention already spread thin, how can they possibly participate in "just one more" thing? In the next couple years, we're going to see brands go deep into community, and many will fail not for lack of anything other than scarcity and quality. Only the truest and most authentic, value-additive communities will prevail. Anyone else feeling a little communitied-out? 

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"We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep."
- William Jones, fka "Father of American psychology"

Skim this mid-read in The Drum about how we're drowning in social media saturation. With engagement and consumption dropping rapidly across platforms, what's the point of brand marketers keeping (and paying) up? Our prediction: Minimum Viable Content.

This NYTimes feature on Facebook's Compassion team chronicles designing products for intentional disconnection. In a hyper-connected, social world, escaping an ex or frenemy is next to impossible. How can digital "ghosting" be easy and non-permanent?

How to Stop People Around You from Checking their Phones All the Time, Nir Eyal

The Case for "Small Dose" Friends, Mic

On modern life: More Connected, More Unhappy

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A new resource on community →

Why marketers should be fearful of "walled gardens"

Last chance! The Community Roundtable's State of Community Management 2016 Survey closes on Friday. 

CreativeMornings, one of Loyal's all-time fav communities, is raising $50K on Kickstarter to support their global force of volunteer hosts. (P.S. - If you'll be at their NYC event on Friday, say hello!)

⚡️ We're a proud agency and happy customer! 2013 Client Justworks raises $33M for payroll that plays by the rules.⚡️

Last week, I wrote about the ethics of client services

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