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Your first day on the job: Things to know

It is important to be safe on a construction site and having the right equipment when you arrive on the job is critical. Here are 5 essentials for your first day working construction.

1. Hard hat

On a construction site, there is the potential for you to be struck by falling objects. Even a small bolt or tool that falls from a short distance above your head can lead to serious injury if appropriate gear is not worn. A standard hard hat will be reinforced on top, have a rain gutter around the sides and be comfortable.

2. Eye protection

Most eye injuries can be prevented by wearing appropriate eye protection. Drilling, hammering and brickwork can often release dust or other airborne materials. Strong goggle and face shields protect the eyes and face from medium impacts as well as liquids. Some face shields also protect the eyes, head and respiratory system.

3. Hearing protection

If you’re working in an environment with continuous noise at levels of 85-90, earmuffs or earplugs can protect your hearing. What you may not realize is how damaging these noises can be to your hearing. This essential gear does not impede speech or any warning signals, but will reduce unwanted noise.

4. Tough work boots

When foot injuries occur they often result from falling or sharp objects penetrating the sole of the shoe. Steel toe boots with impenetrable soles protect your feet and are essential to your safety.

5. Hand protection

Protecting your hands with high quality work gloves can protect you against cuts, dislocations, fractures and burns. Hand protection like gloves and gauntlets should be worn when working with toxic or corrosive substances, pneumatic drills and jagged or sharp surfaces. This is a cheap but effective means of protection on any construction site.
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