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Shine your light - Building a neighbourhood support during a time of crisis 

In times like now when the country is facing a health pandemic we as God’s people have the opportunity to be good news to those around us. 

You are the Light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden… In the same way, let your flight shine before others that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father. Matthew 5:14 and 16. 


We also believe that God can turn situations like we find ourselves in as opportunities for his glory, power and presence to be experienced. We get to play our part in this and can be used by God even from behind closed doors. 


There are many things we can do to be light to those around you but here are a few ideas that you might want to implement over the coming weeks: 


Immediately - these are best to do immediately so you are connected and ready to help when the need comes. 

1 - Contact your neighbours and offer support. Many neighbours at this time may be forced to isolate or may get ill. Some may have good support networks but others may not. To know a neighbour is available is invaluable. We have included an example. You could offer to chat if someone is lonely, do basic shopping or provide a meal. Obviously arrange for these to be done in a safe way. 


2 - Network your neighbours. Set up a community What’s app group that can be used for neighbours to chat together and offer help. 


3 - Phone Numbers. It will be crucial to have phone numbers of other people. Now is the time to check these are up to date and to begin to reach out to those who you know will struggle to check you have their correct details. 


Over the Coming weeks 

1- Prayer. Praying for our neighbours, families and friends is crucial as well as praying for our world. There is a lot of resources coming out that will help us pray over this time. One that is helpful can be found at This site includes family friendly prayer ideas and outlines, a virtual prayer room you can join and a 60 minute prayer reflection. 


2 - Offering Prayer. It is worth offering to remotely pray for those in your neighbourhood. You will be surprised who will positively respond. In this time of need, we trust that God will show his power and provision to all. Why not drop someone a text and offer to pray. 


3 - Continual encouragement. If this moves into longer periods keep connecting with people and offering encouragement. You could arrange to FaceTime someone over a meal and pretend you are eating together or send them an interesting article to read or encourage them to try something new like sudoko or set up an online game of scrabble. 


4 - Book and Jigsaw swap. Using your what’s app group or contacts arrange a book/jigsaw swap. Leave a few items outside your house and announce they are there for a swap/loan. This could be done with other items too. 


We will update this document as time goes on but for now let us know what you end up doing so we can encourage others. Do use the closed Facebook group Burlington together- A place to be God’s family ( to encourage others and share prayers and ideas. 

Please click the link for a sample neighbourhood letter in both Word and Pages format.

Be in touch! Please contact the office for any further information you require.
 01473 259571