December 2015
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If January were human, I’d probably be the first in line to feel a bit sorry for it. After all, somewhere inside most of us there is a nugget of dislike for the month, at least in the cold regions of the world. But even without the frigid air, January brings us something else we eventually love to hate - resolutions. We’ve all been there. The New Year comes, brimming over with another inevitable list of behaviors to improve upon, but before the groundhog has a chance to slink back in his hole we find they’ve crashed and burned and fizzled out.

So, maybe this is a good year to try something different. How about trying some ‘un-resolutions’ for a change? Instead of focusing on grandiose goals that become unrealistic and leave us with a little flutter of failure when we don’t follow through, how about focusing on some things you ‘won’t’ do in the New Year? For example, this year resolve…
  • NOT to forget about the successes you had last year. You worked hard and made great things happen. Maybe you helped an aspiring entrepreneur take that first step to hang out their shingle, or you mentored a struggling business owner who then turned a positive corner. Continue to celebrate that!
  • NOT to dwell on things that didn’t work out. Sometimes, even when you try your best, bad things happen. A business closes, or a financing package falls through. But we probably learn more from missteps then we do from our successes. Take the insight you’ve gained and turn it into energy for the next project.
  • NOT to go it alone. You can be an expert in some things, maybe even a lot of things – but you can’t be an expert in everything. Finding creative solutions for helping business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs overcome obstacles can be so much easier and successful when you work with peer providers. Everyone wins!
  • NOT to forget about the free resources available to you at IASourceLink! Use the Business Concierge for market research needs your businesses might have; tap into the Business License Information Center to identify regulatory requirements; participate in a webinar; use IASourceLink to promote events or share successes in a blog post.
  • And finally, NOT to forget about what is most important in life. This will be different for each of us, but reminding yourself every morning what you are truly grateful for and lucky to have, helps put more spring into your step each day. And in January, who doesn’t deserve a little more spring?
Cheers and best wishes for a wonderful 2016!

-Amy Kuhlers, Program Manager and Network Builder, IEDA
By Debi Durham via Iowa Economic Development Authority
We’ve reached the end of yet another year, and as 2015 draws to a close it’s a good time to reflect on some of the many notable activities that have benefited Iowa economically over the past year. From new business starts and community enhancements, to increased global awareness on the advantages of doing business in Iowa, we’ve had a pretty good run. Here’s just a few items from this year to consider...
Downtown Improvements in Forest City
By Beth Bilyeu via Forest City Economic Development 
As our homes are the center for celebrations, gatherings, and development of families so too are the Downtown Districts of our communities. In Forest City, we recently completed a Downtown Improvement Project. I was often asked why should we put State and Local funds in to private buildings – they are just old buildings. I’ve repeated the answer quite often that “Our downtowns are the living room and front porch of our towns. It’s where we celebrate milestones, large and small, welcome people to our community and conduct business.”
Dream Big Grow Here Application Period Is Open
By Valyn Reinig via CBGI
Calling all Resource Partners!  Do you know a small business that could benefit from new marketing skills and more cash?  Encourage them to participate in the Dream Big Grow Here program, through the Center for Business Growth and Innovation at the University of Northern Iowa. Dream Big Grow Here is an established award-winning grant program with a proven track record of success helping small business learn to start and grow their business. 
Benefits of Mentoring
By Jean Kruse via SCORE
Currently, mentors come in many forms. A mother or father may mentor a son or daughter so that the mentee—the person being mentored—can eventually take over the family business. Entrepreneurs, especially start-up businesses, benefit from the support and guidance that a mentor often provides. Business owners and managers often simply need to bounce ideas off someone—sometimes simply discussing an idea out loud with an outsider results in an answer or solution.
Gifting Knowledge This Holiday Season
By Chelsea Morrison via Business Concierge
As 2015 wraps up this month, it’s time to consider making a New Year’s Resolution! The Business Concierge program is offered through the University of Northern Iowa’s Center for Business Growth and Innovation. Through the program, businesses can receive free business help, market research, connections to resources throughout Iowa, and encouragement along the way.
Remember when you used to lie on the grass and see shapes in the clouds?  Well, the IASourcelink team has been lying on the grass, (yes, as of this writing, Iowa still has green grass to lie on in December), looking into the clouds and seeing ways to make it easier for entrepreneurs to find the tools they need to start or expand their business in Iowa.
IASourcelink is pleased to announce that the look of the Business License Information Center (BLIC) web page has changed a bit, making it easier for entrepreneur’s dreams to become a reality by providing more information and easier access to the licensing requirements needed to operate a business.
Please take a moment to visit the new BLIC website  Once you have visited the site, I would appreciate if you would help us spread the word by forwarding the link to anyone whom might be interested.
Once you’ve visited the site and you still have licensing questions, feel free to contact Christine Cavil at or 800.532.1216.
We're working on our upcoming webinar lineup for 2016! Check back in February for new content, and in the meantime, watch some of these archived webinars on IASourceLink!
From Farm Girl to Entrepreneur:
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Brenda Clark-Hamilton
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Sinikka Waugh
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Terry O'Neill & Adam Maska
January 6
Marketing in the Digital World
Des Moines, IA

January 12
Blueprint for Success Workshop
Cedar Rapids, IA

January 19
Startup Grind Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs, IA

January 20
Google and SEO Changes
Online Webinar

February 8
EntreBASH Greenfield
Greenfield, IA

February 9 
EntreBASH Clarion
Clarion, IA

February 29
Smart Start Workshop
Creston, IA
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