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Dear Friends and Supporters,
As we write this newsletter, we are in the midst of Chinese New Year celebrations here in China. As most of you likely know, celebrating Chinese New Year in China is the equivalent of celebrating Christmas in most Western countries. This year we welcome the Year of the Rooster. We are very grateful for yet another year to continue the work God is allowing us to do here. As you can see from the photos in the sidebar, our preschoolers have been getting in on the fun and learning a lot about this special Chinese holiday.

We really want to thank all of you that regularly donate to the work we do here in China. You enable us to make an amazing difference in the lives of the little ones that God entrusts us with. You may have heard that there are new laws in China that affect all non-government organizations (NGO's) working here. We are really excited to tell you that New Hope Foundation was among the first NGO's to be officially registered under the new laws 2 weeks ago. Praise God! He seems to want us to be here for some time to come. God has provided for this work amazingly over the last 18 years and as we go into the New Year we look forward to the plans that He has for us. Financial support for the Henan care centers and also our Beijing center is still needed for us to continue looking after the babies in our care; we ask you to respond from your hearts as to how this may apply to you.
This month, we've welcomed two volunteers who will be with us for two months. Annie was with us this same time last year during her winter break from Dartmouth College. We are very glad to have her back. We are also very pleased to have her classmate Jessica also here helping us. In addition to helping with our preschool classes, Jessica has already accompanied two children, Art and Leaf, to Hong Kong this month.
 Jessica & Annie
Earlier this month our Medical Director, Dr. Steve, sent a very touching message of hope to our staff. As we reflect on the past year and welcome a new one, we wanted to also share this wonderful message of hope with you:

Years ago we lost a little girl soon after her heart surgery. Her name was Metta, and she was such a beautiful girl.  She had Down syndrome and a heart problem. We had another girl named Nathalie with Down syndrome from the same orphanage and with the same kind of condition affecting her heart. Nathalie had survived her heart surgery, so we had expected Metta to do well at the same hospital. That hospital was and still is one of the best in the country for that type of defect. But when Metta died, we were suddenly and profoundly reminded of the tenuous hold we have on life and the complexity of these children's medical needs. Nathalie stayed with us longer and longer as we hoped for her to go for adoption. Families wanted her, but for some reason she stayed with us. Then separately another little girl named Jessica-Hope came with three significant medical complications that in the past had proved fatal or at least a very difficult and prolonged treatment course for other children. Yet she had no time to wait. Her physical condition was unstable, and the Henan Provincial Hospital agreed to take her. She was rushed to the hospital where she had lifesaving surgery. She blazed the trail for children after her so that now that hospital is a key part of our care for children with certain combinations of conditions... (Continued below)

With Love and Gratitude,

Robin, Joyce and the New Hope Staff

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things"

- Robert Brault

This month:
4 new children were admitted into our care
7 children were adopted
13 children were hospitalized or had surgery
2 children passed away
We've recently updated our Most Needed & Needed Supplies Wish lists on our website. Please click on the list names above to access the updated lists or see the Needs Page on our website
Baby News and Movements from Beijing's Hope Healing Home
Kenzli had checkups in Tianjin this month. Art went to Hong Kong this month for surgery with MedArt. He is recovering well and being cared for by our wonderful volunteer Shirley Hwang who has once again returned to care for a baby in Hong Kong. Kale returned to China briefly for visa processing and is now back in Hong Kong for continued care with MedArt. Leaf also went to Hong Kong this month for auditory testing at Adventist Hospital. Zeke and Primo-Antonio were transferred from our Zhengzhou unit to Hope Healing Home. We are very pleased that Ashby, Jessica-Hope and Millie-Shirley were adopted this month!

News from our Henan Special Care Centers

Lissanna, Mavis, Nathalie and Oscar were all adopted this month!


Continued from above...

This month these two girls, Nathalie and Jessica-Hope, were adopted into the same family. We were so happy to be able to see them when they visited us at Maria's Big House of Hope as sisters. They are big miracles wrapped up in little, very active bodies. Each of their personalities is larger than life. Nathalie and Jessica-Hope are going into the same family that in 2015 adopted a little girl, Amelie, who was considered palliative care. She was given the name Leeya by her family and was in their home only a few short months when she died. She passed away this month a year ago. Her loss was heart breaking and unspeakably difficult. The family told me that the medical team at Vanderbilt found out she had a genetic change never before described or discovered - just confirming how special we already knew she was. We are so thankful for all 4 girls: Metta, Nathalie, Jessica-Hope, and Leeya. Each of them played a large role in our work here, and they had plans from our Father that He saw as best. Sometimes it is very confusing to see the loss and hurt on this side of heaven. But there is hope. We can't understand His thoughts or His ways, but we are assured in 1 Corinthians 12:22 that even those that seem to be weaker are really indispensable parts of God's plan. So let us this year in 2017 have a renewed love and appreciation for all of the family, staff, nannies, orphans, and friends that are around us. We don't know God's plan for them or for ourselves other than that He is good, and He is for hope. There is hope. It is in Jesus.

The White Family

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Travelers Needed
We are in need of travelers from the US, UK and Australia to Beijing to help bring in much needed supplies for our children. None of these supplies are “restricted items” and do not have to be declared at customs. The items will be mailed to you within country. New Hope Foundation staff will be at the airport to pick up the supplies in Beijing. If you are able to help or know of other travelers who are willing to help please contact the following:

a) From the US: Rebecca Dorris, Tennessee, Phone: 615-403-1242

b) From the UK:  Jennifer Drake, Surrey

c) From Melbourne, Australia: Topsy D’Cruz  
Address: 18 Sassafras Dr, Lower Templestowe Victoria  3107, Australia
Phone: 03 98504339     Mobile: 0400 585 379

d) From Sydney, Australia: Susan Mukundan 
Phone:  02 94888101    Mobile:   0414 911 309

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