Cover art for Tiny Epic Quest revealed!
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Tiny Epic Quest is a sandbox adventure game for 2-4 players by Scott Almes with illustration by Miguel Coimbra (7 Wonders, Smallworld), launching on Kickstarter October 28th.

Today we take an in depth look at the cover art and the story it tells.

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In Tiny Epic Quest, each player controls a band of 3 elf heroes, that's why we see three elves on this cover. They go on numerous quests traveling all over the world, trying to fight goblins, acquire items, and learn ancient magic. In the end, the players who excelled the most in these areas get extra rewards.

A lot of the game is in the movement and how you're 3 heroes are positioned around the map. There are 5 different ways to travel: by foot, by horse, by raft, by boat, and by gryphon. In the cover art, we see the gryphons flying above and one of the heroes on horse back. The foot movement is assumed and in the extended wallpaper image below, you can see the boat and the raft. 

The goblins we can see coming from a large crack in the earth. This is actually a portal, and there are many of them, and they spew goblins. Players can travel to these locations and fend off the goblins. Killing goblins is a good way to get victory points.

We see the magic represented by the obelisk in the back. As well as the large stones near it. Players visit these obelisks in the game, there's ten of them, to progress on a spell track that is worth a lot of victory points. The mushroom forest nearby is also a place players can visit in the game. There are several of those as well. Each offering different temporary boosts and benefits. Like restoring health, or power, or furthering the progress of a quest.

Items, like swords, shields, staffs, and many more, are a big deal in Tiny Epic Quest. You have to quest to achieve them and once you do you can break the rules of the game to make things go your way. The sword, the shield and the staff are the 3 core items that all players have access to. So we see those ones on the cover. The others, achieved from quest cards, are exclusive to the player who gets it. Quest cards are available to all the players in a common area. They have a requirement of some sort to trigger, like positioning 2 or 3 of your heroes in specific ways on the map. Then once triggered, they offer certain benefits. Item quests require that you run through one of the six temples after acquiring the quest. If you are on the quest and you complete the temple, you'll get the magic item shown on the quest card. Completing quests are also worth victory points.

The Castle on the cover represents your starting point on the map. Each player has a castle where they start and return to after questing. Player can also visit the castles of other players and are welcomed warmly with bread and tea, ie. gain health and power!

Here's the extended wallpaper showing the boat and raft: (you can click the image to enlarge it, then right click and save)

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