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Hello, and Welcome to the March Newsletter. Get ready for gorgeous desert landscape photo overload as we just completed one of our most scenic camping months ever.

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What's New With Us

We split the month of March between New Mexico and Utah as we rounded the bend and began our slow march westward. Snowbird season is drawing to a close, and soon it will be time to head north.
In New Mexico, we camped at two more state parks along the Rio Grande called Cabello Lake and Elephant Butte Lake. Both are large reservoir lakes created by dams. $14 a night for water and electric or $8 for dry camping. Big campsites with terrific views. Can't beat that!

Being the off season, both campgrounds were very quiet and relaxed. However, judging by the number of boat and RV storage yards nearby these parks really get humming as the weather warms up.
I figured we would be staying in southern New Mexico most of March waiting for the temperatures to rise enough for us to venture northward to the higher elevations. But, we lucked into a late winter warm spell. We blasted up to New Mexico's northwest corner and snagged a campsite at an off the beaten track BLM campground in the Angel Peak Scenic Area.

The campsite views were fantastic, and I'm sure this will be one of our most memorable spots visited this season. It had everything we love: gorgeous views, interesting hikes, beautiful photography opportunities, free as beer camping, and peaceful surroundings. To top off the visit mother nature put on a show the final night with a stunning sunset.
Topping Angel Peak would be a tall order, but our next campsite in Utah came very, very close. We made a return visit to an all time favorite from our first year as full-time RVers, Goosenecks State Park. $10 a night for a dry camping spot on the rim of a 1000 foot deep canyon with "out of this world" red rock desert landscapes to explore in every direction.

Our stay included a thrilling drive up the Moki Dugway and out to Muley Point overlook for panoramic views of the Goosenecks below and out to Monument Valley. And of course I had to stop and take the iconic shot of the highway leading down to Monument Valley. Run, Forest, Run!
And we weren't quite done with incredible landscapes, yet. Next, we slid across to Page, Arizona and set up camp at Lone Rock in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. 14 bucks a night for a patch of beach and views to die for.
A highlight of touring around Page was a hike out to the famous Horseshoe Bend canyon on the Colorado River. Wow! Something to see, even Angie appreciated the views :)
Currently, we are chilling out at a good friend of ours little RV park an hour or so northeast of Vegas.
A temporary oasis of trees and lush green grass before we head off into the desert again. We have a couple more cool spots on our to do list before we point the old big blue truck northwest towards the coast. Stay tuned....

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Goosenecks State Park Moki Dugway and Muley Point

Image of the Month 
Happy Hour View Goosenecks State Park, Utah
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Ray's Pick - Helpful RVing Website of the Month

Spotted this link in an RVing forum. A site to bookmark if you are RVing out west. Lots of first-hand campground reviews and advice.
"This map includes every campsite I was in for 2006 through 2016 - about 615 of them, with no duplicates (hopefully)!  About 40 of these are boondocking spots (i.e., not in a developed campground).  There are very few commercial campgrounds included, as I use government (USFS/BLM/NPS/State/etc.) campgrounds almost exclusively."
(Note: I'm not affiliated with this website in any way - Ray)

RVing Tip of the Month

Just a reminder for those getting ready for the season. I neglected mine for the last year or so and sure enough it started to seize up.

Roof Top TV Antenna

Our rig has the standard Winegard batwing style, hand crank TV antenna. The manual states to lubricate it twice a year with silicone spray. It is important to use silicone spray because the crankshaft has a rubber O-ring seal in it. Silicone is safe on rubber and will lubricate the O-ring. Other types of lubricants may damage the rubber seal and cause possible leaks when it rains hard. It takes a few trips to the roof and back but it gives you a chance to check the sealant up there anyway.

"Lubricate rubber quad ring on elevating shaft which is below worm gear with silicone spray lubricant at least twice yearly. This will keep the quad ring from becoming brittle which could result in leaks down elevating shaft. Refer to page 7 for removing worm gear assembly. Item #7 on parts explosion." – Winegard User Manual —

See the 15:17 minute mark in video for this post for more info -

RV Funny of the Month

Spotted this giant man holding an RV in Hatch, New Mexico

Found out he is a Muffler Man - 
Hatch, NM is widely known as the "Chile Capital of the World"
All over New Mexico, we discovered foods with Hatch chiles in them.
Our favorite were the Green Chile Cheeseburgers. Yumm.

Thanks so much for reading, watching and following our adventures. A couple of milestones were reached for Love Your RV this month surpassing 20,000 followers on Pinterest and topping 5 million views on YouTube!

Your support is so appreciated and helps keep us on the road enjoying our fulltime RV lifestyle.

 Cheers Ray -


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