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76 Samsung workers dead after chemical exposure

Samsung deliberately kept secret the harmful chemicals its South Korean workers were exposed to, fearing its competitors would learn trade secrets. 76 workers are now dead.

Catch Mini-MBA in Stellenbosch for NGOs, social enterprises and SMEs

Staff members of NGOs, social enterprises (SEs) and small companies can now attend a Mini-MBA offered by the Sustainable Development Network from 13 to 15 September in Stellenbosch.

India floods: over 300 dead and millions affected

At least 300 people have died in eastern and central India and more than 6 million others have been affected by floods that have submerged villages, washed away crops, destroyed roads and disrupted power and phone lines, officials say.

Italy earthquake: Death toll passes 240 as rescue efforts continue

The death toll in the Italian earthquake stands at 241 as rescuers continue efforts to find survivors.

Will SA government protect our indigenous medicine?

Southern Africa possesses a remarkable diversity of indigenous plants, coupled with rich cultural traditions on the use of plants for medicine.

Call for urgent clarification of SA greenhouse gas objectives

A range of civil society organisations are taking their call for urgent clarification of greenhouse gas emissions objectives to the Public Protector.

Thousands of bees wiped out by crop sprayer in Tulbagh

A bee farmer in Tulbagh is counting the cost after thousands of his bees were wiped out when an aerial crop sprayer sprayed nearby canola fields with pesticide.

Minister calls for urgent Industry Waste Management Plans

Specific waste producers must submit their Waste Management Plans within the next 3 months and existing producers must register with the Minister of Environmental Affairs within 30 days of a new notice published in the Government Gazette.

Climate change limits potential host cities for Olympic Games

According to a new study, rising temperatures and humidity caused by climate change will make it increasingly difficult to find cities eligible to host the Olympics Summer Games.

Insects – an organic food gardener’s best friend

There is a whole host of beneficial insects out there and encouraging these into your garden is vital if you are to successfully grow organic food.

How to multitask with natural cleaners

Every now and again our customers tell us about other uses for our products which we hadn’t thought of. Some of these are quite unique to the customer needs and often quite surprising.

Entries now open for Eco-Logic Awards 2017

Do you know individuals, organisations or communities with positive impact on the creation of an environmentally sustainable world for us to live in?

Apple commits to zero environmental waste in China

Apple announced on Wednesday that all 14 of its final assembly sites in China are now compliant with UL (Underwriters Laboratories) zero waste standards.

Recycling videos now available in five official languages

September we focus on recycling education and celebrate Clean-Up & Recycle Week SA. For those still unsure how to do this How-To-Recycle videos were translated into 5 official languages.

How fairtrade coffee supports the DRC

“Today a glimmer of hope is emerging from the deeply troubled DRC. The coffee industry is reviving there, bringing peace, hope and better livelihoods to battle-scarred farmers living in the fertile highlands of the Lake Kivu region, just across Rwanda’s border.”

Free State lecturer awarded for drought forecasting tool

A Free State academic has developed a drought forecasting tool to help small-scale farmers decide when to plant.

Recognising impressive contributors at the National Wetland Awards

Do you know someone in the wetland community who demonstrates some of the following characteristics and you think their good efforts should be recognized?

We have almost certainly blown the 1.5-degree global warming target

There seems to be a strong disconnect between what the public and climate scientists think is achievable. The problem is not helped by the media’s apparent reluctance to treat it as a true crisis.

Search is on for Eastern Cape’s greenest organisation

The prestigious Eastern Cape Top Green Organisation Awards is open! Organisations operating in the province are encouraged to enter and flex their green mettle.

Our rate of material extraction has tripled over last 40 years

The amount of primary materials extracted from the Earth has tripled in the last four decades, according to a new report by the United Nations Environment Programme-hosted International Resource Panel (IRP).

Stop the world’s first deep sea mine

A Canadian mining company has a license for an insane idea that could become a planetary disaster: the world’s first deep sea mine.

Contentious incineration plant for Wellington?

A controversial waste to energy project in the Boland – a planned incineration plant in Wellington – has raised much concern among residents.

Warming Atlantic Ocean leads to rise in marine bacteria

Rising sea surface temperatures in the North Atlantic are likely to be behind a recent surge in cases of diarrhoeal diseases from marine bacteria in northern Europe and the US east coast, a new study says.


Snails are going extinct: here’s why that matters

Ah, snails. They’re small. They’re slimy. They lack the charisma of a polar bear or a gorilla. And yet just like flora and fauna all over the world, they’re disappearing.

Setting the bar for sustainability in hospitality

Cornell University’s Center for Hospitality Research, in collaboration with 11 international hotel companies, last week released the latest set of benchmarks measuring the sustainability level of a hotel.

Combined Arctic ice observations show decades of loss

It’s no surprise that Arctic sea ice is thinning. What is new is just how long, how steadily, and how much it has declined.

Getting to grips with climate feedbacks

From catastrophic chain-reactions which could push us into dangerous climate change, to cooling effects which balance out global warming, climate feedbacks are an important area of research for scientists.

Waste-to-energy plant coming to Drakenstein

A renewable energy project is underway that will provide electricity to households through waste management.

Young filmmakers the world over invited to strut their stuff


The Film4Climate Global Video Competition invites filmmakers aged 14-35 from all over the world to showcase their talents with a short film about climate action.

A message of hope and inspiration


My friends, do not lose heart. We were made for these times.

Two monks, Wood and Wasi help assess King IV


Two companion monks came across a swollen, raging river on their travels. A pretty, young woman who had reached the same bank, asked them to help her cross the river.

New study looks at costs of SA’s proposed nuclear expansion


A new study by EE Publishers looks at the initial capital cost as well as the levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) generated by the proposed 9.6 GW new-nuclear build in South Africa.
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