Dig-in Newsletter October 2015
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Festive Greetings to all our Supporters!


Whether you're after treats for your Christmas dinner, gift ideas, or tasty stocking fillers - or whether you just want to hear what we've been up to in November and December, we do HO HO HOpe you'll keep reading...

Our best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and thank you so much for your support during 2015.  Please don't forget us in your New Years Resolution - for one that will stick (unlike the pricey gym memberships!) consider getting involved in a fun, rewarding, wholesome and tasty community based initiative by volunteering with us. We DO need you and you won't regret it!

A heads up about our AGM - it's on the 22nd of February 2016. We are looking for new committee members and in particular a Treasurer! Anyone interested to find out more please get in touch - you just need to be a shareholder to be on the Committee.  Don't forget though, anyone can become a volunteer any time at all - contact volunteer@digin.co.uk or visit our website for more details.


Christmas Cheer for all your needs...
We'd love to help you stock your table with Christmas Goodies! We've got beautiful Roots and Wings Mince Pies, lovely Meridian organic cranberry sauce and gorgeous Montezuma chocolate truffles. Veg wise, whether you're after a full organic spread or just want some quality veg that really are on-the-whole cheaper than supermarket prices (more on this in 2016) we'd love you to come Dig-In! For a tasty tipple, try our mulling spices in your drop of red or some divine seasonal Belvoir cordials.

What about some gifts with a difference! Why not give the gift of beautiful community fruit and veg? Our Dig-In Supporters cards which make perfect Christmas gift cards - top them up with any amount you wish and they can continue to be topped up and used as desired in the shop. Alternatively, for an eco-friendly stocking filler that entitles the holder to stand for nomination on the Management Committee for Dig-In and take an active role in how we're run (or indeed just support the shop as a shareholder),  give the gift of a Dig-In Share! See more on the website here or pop in to ask for details!

Saturday Sessions - brownie tasting
On a chilly November Saturday afternoon one of our superstar volunteers, Hannah, offered to grace the front of our shop with some deliciously vegan brownie treats... They were a hit with passersby, many of whom were keen for the recipes. So if you're after some less naughty Christmas treats (the citrus zest Hannah added to her raw brownies made them SO festive!) look no further and make sure you come to us to get many of the ingredients!

So for the sweet potato brownies it was this straight forward deliciously Ella recipe  but I rolled them into balls just for fun! Full of goodness from all ingredients especially the sweet potatoes which are full of antioxidants. The flour and nuts can be replaced with any kind of flour and nuts and the maple syrup is an extra sweetener that doesn't have to be added.
The raw brownies were a modified version of another Deliciously Ella recipe into which I also added orange zest, ground chia seeds and flax seeds which gives extra fibre and bursts of energy to the brownies! All really good for you natural ingredients... Again the nuts can be replaced with any kind you have.
Dig-In Opens Doors
This month, our Chair Catherine, and Vice-Chair Isla did a talk with the Morningside Justice and Peace group at The Open Door Cafe in Morningside. They talked of the "Charming Reality of Community Ownership" and touched on current trends of community ownership and social enterprise as a whole, linking up the activities of the shop with the wider world based on their own experiences at work. A wonderfully receptive audience with lots of great questions about the future, it was a great celebration of all we've achieved so far. If you have a group who you think would be interested in finding out more about the community ownership, do get in touch and we'll endeavour to try make it along.

On the 2nd December, along with other local Bruntsfield businesses, we opened our doors a bit late and got our Christmas Cheer on - we had wine with the lovely mulled spices we sell, organic soup, nibbles and banana bread. Our new bread shelf was looking great!  Thanks to the volunteers who were able to help out and all who dropped by for a chat.
Meet Mike!

Mike is our Shop Manager and is responsible for the day to day goingson in Dig-In. We caught up with him for a few quick questions...

Why did you decide to Dig-In?
I was looking for part-time work that would let me volunteer the rest of my time in the environmental projects which are dear to me. But I’ve never done things by half, and once I was in I was hooked. When the opportunity to go full time as Manager I jumped at the chance.

What do you like about Dig-In?
Owned by the people of Bruntsfield (and Edinburgh). Volunteer powered. Constitutionally bound to the betterment of the community. Great food and better prices. What’s not to like!?

What does a typical day at Dig-In involve?  
Receiving delivery of fresh stock in the morning, briefing and chatting with volunteers, and engaging our shoppers, ordering and planning new stock, managing the banalities of running a small business, Oh, and coffee. Lots of coffee!

Favourite product from the shop...or recipe from shop's produce...?
Hmmm, I love roast parsnip! So simple, but delicious, or making Kale chips(toss them in oil and warm in the oven) but my favourite thing is probably the organic goats cheese!

When you're not Digging In what are you doing?
I have two young kids and my partner also works, so most of my non-dig-in time is spent with my family. When I carve out enough time for myself I’ve recently taken up whittling (wood carving) but so far all I’ve made are some wonky spoons!

Another favourite space in the local area?   
As I said before coffee plays an important role in my daily management schedule, and in Bruntsfield I’m spoiled for choice! Artisan Roast is great,but for my money, if you time it right, sitting in the window at Project Coffee with the afternoon sunlight pouring in, and a fresh flat white is just
Next Volunteer Training: Early 2016. Find out more by sending an email to volunteer@diginbruntsfield.co.uk or popping into the shop for a form. 
Organic North and winter veg treats

We've been hoping to bring you more information about our Suppliers and their wonderful seasonal offerings this is the first column from one of our lovely volunteers, Chelsea. We hope it will be a regular feature.

As we move into the colder months in Scotland, we are delighted to be working with Organic North Wholesalers to make sure our shelves remain stocked with fresh, organic, UK-grown produce throughout the winter season. As you know, we do our best to provide as much organic and local produce as possible throughout the year, and Organic North Wholesalers helps us do just that.

Based in East Manchester, Organic North was formed in the early 1990s by a group of northern organic businesses. It has been Soil Association registered from the beginning and is a co-operative that supplies businesses in Lancashire, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Cumbria, and - of course! - Scotland. Organic North aims to support the independent organic movement and regional growers wherever possible. 

Produce wise, we hope you've noticed the tasty and beautiful varieties of organic beetroot (golden, cylindra, chioggia) and winter squash (blue baker, crook neck, red kuri, mixed custard, spaghetti, green hokkaido, celebration) that we've got in the shop, along with lots of other winter treats!

Please do come on in and ask us more about our suppliers any time - we love to chat.
To find out more and for general shop updates find us on you favourite social media outlet; Facebook, Twitter or Instagram:
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