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Run a marathon, climb a mountain, go sky diving, write a book... buy life insurance?

OK, so buying life insurance probably isn’t on your personal bucket list, but you should consider it for your “financial bucket”.  We’ll explain.  Imagine your financial portfolio as a bucket, filled with cash, CDs, bonds and stocks.  As the market fluctuates and you get older, you may worry about having to use the funds in your financial bucket to pay for long-term care.  By adding a base of permanent life insurance with long-term care coverage to your financial bucket, you can help better protect your financial assets.

Consider permanent life insurance coverage from The Achievement Group that can help you and your clients maximize the advantages of:

•    A counter-balance against more volatile investments in your portfolio
•    Bestow a tax-free death benefit to heirs
•    Could protect other financial assets from being used to cover potential long-term care and final expenses

We all have a bucket list of things we want to see and do in life.  By protecting your financial bucket, you may be able to help give yourself financial peace of mind as you achieve the items on your bucket list.

Thanks to one of our favorite life based LTC carriers as we reformatted their consumer brochure to create this message.  Send us an email if you'd like the consumer brochure.

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