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Congratulations to David Ellwood on a remarkable 11 years as Dean of the Harvard Kennedy School (2004-2015). We look forward to welcoming him back to the Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy after a well-deserved sabbatical!

We've gathered some of the best content from the past year—insight and analysis, Inequality in the news, and all things noteworthy from the Inequality & Social Policy program. Be sure to check out the 11 new books by our Ph.D. alumni and the terrific work being done by our current doctoral fellows and alums. 

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Poverty and economic insecurity

What Makes People Poor?
September 2, 2014
The New York Times | William Julius Wilson, Matthew Desmond

Black Men and the Struggle for Work
January 13, 2015
Education Next | By James M. Quane, William Julius Wilson, and Jackelyn Hwang (Ph.D. candidate in Sociology & Social Policy).

The War on Poverty: Was it Lost? (part 1 of 2)
March 15, 2015
New York Review of Books | By Christopher Jencks

Did We Lose the War on Poverty? (part 2 of 2)
April 2, 2015
New York Review of Books | By Christopher Jencks

How Poor are the Poor?
March 25, 2015
The New York Times | Christopher Jencks

President joins Poverty Summit
May 12, 2015
President Barack Obama joined a conversation on overcoming poverty in the US with Robert Putnam, Arthur Brooks (AEI), and moderated by E.J. Dionne.  In his remarks, President Obama also highlighted William Julius Wilson's earlier work in the The Truly Disadvantaged (33:32 mark). View video ► 
Read the transcript ►

Mary Jo Bane took part in a separate panel, how to make overcoming poverty "a clear moral imperative and an urgent national priority," as part of a 3-day summit held at Georgetown University. Read more ►

Smart Social Programs
May 11, 2015
The New York Times | Study by Sarah Cohodes (Ph.D. candidate in Public Policy) on Medicaid and education among those featured in op-ed by CEA Chairman Jason Furman on the substantial long-term benefits of social policy investments in families. 
►See also CEA web brief for more detailed discussion of this work and that of 
David Deming (faculty member and Ph.D. '10), Lawrence Katz, Jeffrey Liebman, Jonah Rockoff (Ph.D. '04), and Christopher Wimer (Ph.D. '07), 

A cash lifeline for Boston's Working Poor
January 23, 2015
Boston Globe Magazine | By Sarah Halpern-Meekin (Ph.D. '09) and Kathryn Edin

Bankruptcy and the economy: A Fresh start
March 14, 2015
The Economist | Will Dobbie (Ph.D. '13)

The Science of Scarcity: A Behavioral Economist's Fresh Perspectives on Poverty
April 16, 2015
Harvard Magazine | Sendhil Mullainathan 

Welfare Myths and the Luck of Life
May 28, 2015
Inside Story | By Andrew Leigh (Ph.D. '04)

Tracking Poverty in New York City
December 18, 2014
WNET Metro Focus | Christopher Wimer (Ph.D. '07)

The Great Recession and its Effects: On the Private Safety Net, Parenting, and Public Assistance
February 15, 2015
Russell Sage Foundation | By Christopher Wimer (Ph.D. '07)

Inequality, economic mobility, and opportunity

Economic Mobility: Research and Ideas on Strengthening Families, Communities, and the Economy 
April 2, 2015
Federal Reserve Community Development Research Conference | Plenary speakers include Raj Chetty, Robert D. Putnam, Robert J. Sampson, and Scott Winship (Ph.D. '09). Video and conference materials now available.

The inequality snowball effect
July 25, 2014
The Washington Post | Nathan Wilmers, Ph.D. candidate in Sociology
How Government Can Guard Against Inequality
February 20, 2015
The Mandarin | By Andrew Leigh (Ph.D. '04)

The terrible loneliness of growing up poor in Robert Putnam's America
March 6, 2015
Washington Post | Robert Putnam

Richer and poorer: Accounting for inequality
March 9, 2015
The New Yorker | Discussion of Robert Putnam's Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis and Anthony Atkinson's Inequality, both released this spring.

Can Robert Putnam Save the American Dream?
March 13, 2015
Chronicle of Higher Education | Robert Putnam

Minding the Nurture Gap
March 21, 2015
The Economist | Robert Putnam

Does America Have Less Economic Mobility?
(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)
April 20, 2015
Economics 21 | Scott Winship (Ph.D. '09)

An 'income-achievement' gap within kids' brain structures
May 4, 2015
Boston Globe | Martin R. West (faculty and Ph.D. '06).
► Read the study
cited in this article: "Neuroanatomical Correlates of the Income-Achievement Gap," Psychological Science (April 20, 2015).

Unhappy Days in America
May 21, 2015
New York Review of Books | Discussion of Robert Putnam's Our Kids.

The Great Gatsby Curve Debate 
May 19-29, 2015
Brookings Institution — Social Mobility Memos
Seven views, including Scott Winship (Ph.D. '09), on the relationship between inequality and intergenerational mobility. 

How Do We Get More People to Have Good Lives?
June 3, 2015
New York Times | Op-ed by Thomas B. Edsall, citing research by Harvard's Richard Murnane and  Raj Chetty, Nathaniel Hendren, and Lawrence Katz.

A Conservative Opportunity Agenda
June 2, 2015
Forbes | By Scott Winship (Ph.D. '09)

Employment and labor markets

Jobless men are the thorniest social issue in the United States
August 31, 2014
The Boston Globe | By Edward L. Glaeser

Job Creation and a Healthy Economy
January 22, 2015
Congressional Testimony | Testimony of Justin Wolfers (Ph.D. '01) before Committee on Finance, U.S. Senate.

New Research Examines "Upskilling" in Flush Labor Markets
April 30, 2015
Harvard Kennedy School | Daniel Shoag (Faculty and Ph.D. '11), Alicia Sasser-Modestino (Ph.D. '01). See also coverage in Bloomberg Business ►

The Cost of a Decline in Unions
February 19, 2015
The New York Times | Bruce Western, Richard Freeman, Lawrence Katz

Raising Lower-Level Wages: When and Why it Makes Sense
April 6, 2015
Peterson Institute for International Economics | Background briefing PIIE event, with briefs by Justin Wolfers (Ph.D. '01)

Hours Flexibility and the Gender Gap in Pay
April 15, 2015
Center for American Progress | By Claudia Goldin

Starving for Wisdom
April 16, 2015
The New York Times | Lawrence Katz, on liberal arts education in the 21st century economy.

Interview with Claudia Goldin
May 24, 2015
Econ Focus—Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond | Claudia Goldin discusses women in the labor force, the "grand convergence", the human capital century, and her latest project, "Women Working Longer."

What's Causing the Rise in Disability Insurance Claims?
June 4, 2015
Harvard Kennedy School |  Jeffrey B. Liebman discusses his article on the federal Disability Insurance program, which appears in the spring issue of the Journal of Economic Perspectives. View the JEP article ► 

A World Without Work: Automation and the Future of Jobs
June 22, 2015
The Atlantic | Features comments by Lawrence Katz. 

Credit where taxes are due
July 4, 2015
The Economist | Cites Andrew Leigh (Ph.D. '04) research on who benefits from the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Cities, neighborhoods, 
and housing

A new view of gentrification
August 1, 2014
Harvard Gazette | Robert Sampson, Jackelyn Hwang (Ph.D. candidate in Sociology & Social Policy)

In Chicago, Neighborhoods that are More Black Don't Gentrify
August 8, 2014
NPR Code Switch | Robert J. Sampson, Jackelyn Hwang (Ph.D. candidate in Sociology and Social Policy)

How ‘gentrification’ in American cities maintains racial inequality and segregation
August 20, 2014
Scholars Strategy Network | By Jackelyn Hwang, Ph.D. candidate in Sociology & Social Policy.

Ferguson is a story going back decades. And there is no new ending.
August 23, 2014
The Guardian | By Patrick Sharkey (Ph.D. '07)

What Can Hurricanes Teach Us About Mobility?
August 25, 2014
Pacific Standard | By Asad L. Asad (Ph.D. candidate in Sociology)

Evictions Soar in Hot Market; Renters Suffer
August 28, 2014
The New York Times | Matthew Desmond

Does Moving Poor People Work?
September 16, 2014
The New York Times | William Julius Wilson, Robert Sampson, Roland Fryer

The former capital of the Confederacy’s all-out plan to fight poverty — and confront its past
September 2, 2014
The Washington Post | Thad Williamson (Ph.D. '04)

Can concentrated wealth relieve concentrated poverty?
November 7, 2014
The Washington Post | Interview with Thad Williamson (Ph.D. '04), who is leading a comprehensive poverty-reduction effort for Richmond, Virginia, as the first director of the Mayor's Office of Community Wealth Building.

Home Economics: Sky-high house prices in the most desirable cities are holding back growth and jobs
October 4, 2014
The Economist | Edward L. Glaeser, Mathew Resseger (Ph.D. '14)

Where America's college grads are moving
October 13, 2014
The Washington Post | Edward L. Glaeser, Matthew Resseger (Ph.D. '14)

Mayoral Policymaking: Results from the 21st Century Mayors Leadership Survey
October 14, 2014
Boston University Initiative on Cities | By Katherine Levine Einstein (Ph.D. '12) and David M. Glick (Boston University)

Homeless in Harvard Square
October 16, 2014
Harvard Kennedy School Insight | Interview with Julie Boatright Wilson

The Striking Decline in African-American Household Mobility
January 27, 2015
The Atlantic - CityLab | Patrick Sharkey (Ph.D. '07)

Growing Up Poor Has Effects on Your Children Even If You Escape Poverty
January 29, 2015
Pacific Standard | Patrick Sharkey (Ph.D. '07)

More New Jobs Are in City Centers, While Employment Growth Shrinks in the Suburbs
February 24, 2015
The New York Times | Edward Glaeser

How Gentrifiers Change the Definition of a Neighborhood
March 6, 2015
The Atlantic—CityLab | Discusses research of Jackelyn Hwang, Ph.D. candidate in Sociology and Social Policy

Land-shackled economies
April 4, 2015
The Economist | Edward Glaeser, Matthew Resseger (Ph.D. '14), Raven Saks Molloy (Ph.D. '06)

If Walls Could Talk: What Lead is Doing to Our Students
April 14, 2015
National Public Radio | Jessica Wolpaw-Reyes (Ph.D. '02)

Bloomberg Philanthropies unveils $42m What Works Cities Initiative
April 21, 2015
BetaBoston (Boston Globe) | Jeffrey Liebman

Lead paint is poisoning poor Chicago kids as city cuts millions for cleanup
May 1, 2015
Chicago Tribune | Robert J. Sampson

Why the New Research on Mobility Matters: An Economist's View
May 4, 2015
The New York Times | By Justin Wolfers (Ph.D. '01). Discussion of new findings by economics professors Raj Chetty, Nathaniel Hendren, and Lawrence Katz. Raj Chetty first presented these results in the Malcolm Wiener Seminar, Jan 26, 2015.

An Atlas of Upward Mobility Shows Paths Out of Poverty
May 4, 2015
The New York Times | Discussion of  latest work by Harvard's Raj Chetty, Nathaniel Hendren, and Lawrence Katz.  Raj Chetty first presented these findings in the Malcolm Wiener Seminar, Jan 26, 2015..

Chasing the Dream: Concentrated Poverty [video]
May 7, 2015
WNET: MetroFocus | Interview with Patrick Sharkey (Ph.D. '07) 

The Real Problem with America's Inner Cities
May 9, 2015
The New York Times | By Orlando Patterson. Also refers to forthcoming book by Michael Javen Fortner (Ph.D. '10).

The Real Baltimore Crisis: The more profound story the media narrative misses
May 10, 2015
Scholars Strategy Network | By Eva Rosen (Ph.D. '14)

America's mayors are taking on the big problems, but they can't escape partisan divide
May 21, 2015
The Conversation | By Katherine Levine Einstein (Ph.D. '12) and David Glick (Boston University)

The trials and triumphs of the city: Edward Glaeser in conversation with Simon Jenkins
May 21, 2015
The Guardian | Edward Glaeser

Studies link childhood lead exposure, violent crime
June 6, 2015
Chicago Tribune | Robert J. Sampson, Jessica Wolpaw-Reyes (Ph.D. '02)

The Power of Landlords: Despite the aims of housing policy, segregation persists
June 9, 2015
The Atlantic | By Eva Rosen (PhD '14)

Immigration and America's Urban Revival
July 9, 2015
The American Prospect | By Robert J. Sampson. 
The evidence favors a hypothesis many Americans reject: Immigration has helped reduce crime and revitalize city economies. 

Race and ethnicity

Unraveling ‘Racial Threat’
August 15, 2014
Harvard Magazine | Ryan D. Enos

Reflecting on Race in America 50 Years after the Civil Rights Act [video]
October 8, 2014
Brookings Institution | Forum featuring Vesla M. Weaver (Ph.D. '07). Read a recap 

Economic View: The Measuring Sticks of Racial Bias 
January 3, 2015
The New York Times | By Sendhil Mullainathan; cites study by Devah Pager, Bruce Western, and Bart Bonikowski.

Don't Be Like That: Does Black Culture Need to be Reformed?
February 2, 2015
The New Yorker | Orlando Patterson, Ethan Fosse (Ph.D. '15)

Orlando Patterson on black youth, culture, and The Cultural Matrix,
February 25, 2015
Salon | Interview with Orlando Patterson

Forum: France After Charlie Hebdo
March 3, 2015
Boston Review | By Michèle Lamont and Nicolas Duvoux

'Understanding Black Youth': Its Cultural Vibrancy and its Challenges
March 19, 2015
WBUR and NPR: Here and Now | Orlando Patterson

What Growing Up in a Segregated L.A. Neighborhood Means to Young Latinos
April 6, 2015
The Atlantic—CityLab | Maria G. Rendon (Ph.D. '09)

Forcing Black Men Out of Society
April 25, 2015
The New York Times | William Julius Wilson, Devah Pager

Improving Opportunity for Black Men
April 29, 2015
American Enterprise Institute | Event with Orlando Patterson, Kathryn Edin (Johns Hopkins), Robert Cherry (Brooklyn College–CUNY), and Michael D. Smith (White House–My Brother's Keeper). 

Race, Class, and Neglect
May 4, 2015
The New York Times | William Julius Wilson

Black America: The fire and the fuel
May 9, 2015
The Economist | Orlando Patterson

Whose Fault is Ferguson? The Roots of Our National Discord
May 18, 2015
Miller Center American Forum | A dialogue with Orlando Patterson. 

Families and children

Falling Fertility Rates
July 3, 2014
Harvard Gazette | Mary C. Brinton

Stable families, prosperous economy
October 30, 2014
Washington Center for Equitable Growth | By Elisabeth Jacobs (Ph.D. ’08)

Was Moynihan Right? What happens to the children of unmarried mothers
December 10, 2014
Education Next | By Sarah McLanahan and Christopher Jencks

The unbelievable rise of single motherhood in America over the last 50 years
December 18, 2014
The Washington Post | Christopher Jencks

Government should subsidize, not tax, marriage
February 10, 2015
Education Next | By Paul E. Peterson

How Your Hometown Affects Your Chances of Marriage
May 15, 2015
The New York Times | Explores marriage findings in Raj Chetty and Nathaniel Hendren's recently released research on the effects of exposure to better neighborhoods on children's long-term outcomes. Chetty first presented this work in the Malcolm Wiener Seminar, Jan 26, 2015. 

Criminal justice

Protests shine light on deeper issues with modern justice
December 16, 2014
Boston Globe | By Jeremy Travis and Bruce Western

Orlando Patterson participates in White House meeting on police-youth interactions
January 21, 2015
Harvard Sociology | Orlando Patterson

Gun violence is at the root of Michael Brown's death
February 12, 2015
Boston Globe | By Devah Pager and Jens Ludwig

From Prison to Poverty
February 24, 2015
Harvard Gazette | Bruce Western

The Missed Opportunity of Robert Woodson
February 25, 2015
The Marshall Project | By Vesla M. Weaver (Ph.D. '07)

Out of Trouble, but Criminal Records Keep Men Out of Work
February 28, 2015
The New York Times | Devah Pager

Shoveling a Path Out of Prison
March 1, 2015
The Atlantic | By Bruce Western and Linda Forman Naval

DOJ Report Condemns Ferguson Police Department's Practices
March 5, 2015
National Public Radio | Interview with Phillip Atiba Goff, Visiting Scholar, Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy.

How criminal records hold Americans back
March 8, 2015
Boston Globe | Devah Pager

Higher Education in U.S. Prisons: A Cost-Effective Antipoverty Opportunity
March 10, 2015
Spotlight on Poverty | By Nathan J. Robinson, Ph.D. student in Sociology and Social Policy

A Study Lingers on the Lives of Those We Incarcerate
April 2, 2015
The Marshall Project | Bruce Western

Gun deaths involving children are devastating. The NRA has no idea what to say about them.
April 9, 2015
Washington Post | By Nathan J. Robinson, Ph.D. candidate in Sociology & Social Policy

The Man Who Foresaw Baltimore
May 1, 2015
Politico | By Bruce Western

Justice, pursued
May 1, 2015
Harvard Gazette | Phillip Atiba Goff, Visiting Scholar, Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Get Hired: Does a Ban the Box Policy Work?
May 13, 2015
The New Republic | Devah Pager

The Missing Statistics of Criminal Justice
May 31, 2015
The Atlantic | Bruce Western

Private Conflict, Public Disorder, and Crime
July 2, 2015
Pacific Standard |  A conversation with Robert J. Sampson and Daniel O'Brien (Northeastern) about the limitations of the “broken windows” theory.


What Effective Schools Do: Stretching the cognitive limits on achievement 
August 27, 2015
Education Next | By Martin R. West (Faculty, Ph.D '06), Christopher F. O. Gabrieli, Amy S. Finn, Matthew A. Kraft and John D.E. Gabrieli.

A Simple Equation: More Education = More Income
September 10, 2014
The New York Times | Lawrence Katz, David Deming (Faculty, Ph.D. '10), Claudia Goldin

Targeting Teacher Tenure
August 18, 2014
Harvard Gazette | Q & A with Thomas J. Kane

Do Value-Added Estimates Identify Causal Effects of Teachers and Schools?
October 30, 2014
Brookings Institution—The Brown Center Chalkboard | by Thomas J. Kane

The Limitations of Self-Report Measures of Non-cognitive Skills
December 18, 2014
Brookings Institution—The Brown Center Chalkboard | By Martin R. West (Faculty, Ph.D. '06)

No Common Opinion on the Common Core
December 22, 2014
Education Next | By Michael B. Henderson (Ph.D. '11), Paul E. Peterson, and Martin R. West (Faculty, Ph.D. '06)

The Roots of Obama's Ambitious College Plan
January 8, 2015
The New York Times | Claudia Goldin and Lawrence Katz

Some child, left behind?
January 13, 2015
Harvard Gazette | Q & A with Martin R. West (Faculty, Ph.D. '06)

Getting Excellence with Equity: Ron Ferguson talks about opportunity, achievement, and raising the bar for all students
January 26, 2015
Usable Knowledge (HGSE) | Interview with Ronald Ferguson, faculty director of the Achievement Gap Initiative.

The Problem with Obama's 'Free Community College' Proposal
January 20, 2015
Money | By Judith Scott-Clayton (Ph.D. '09) and Thomas Bailey (Columbia University Teachers College) 

A lefty's lament: Left-handed edged out on college, career, and earnings outcomes
January 30, 2015
Harvard Gazette | Joshua S. Goodman

Scott Walker's Risky College Experiment
February 12, 2015
Bloomberg View | Peter Orszag column highlights research by Tom Kane and by David Deming (Faculty, Ph.D. '10), Lawrence Katz, and Claudia Goldin

Treat Teacher Education Like a Medical Residency
March 3, 2015
The New York Times | By Jal Mehta.  Room for Debate forum, "What Makes a Good Teacher." 

Frustrated with the pace of progress in education? Invest in better evidence
March 5, 2015
Brookings Institution—Brown Center Chalkboard | By Thomas J. Kane

It's Better to Struggle at a Good School than to Ace Community College
March 5, 2015
Bloomberg | Joshua S. Goodman

Do snow days hurt student progress? A Harvard professor says no.
March 25, 2015
Washington Post | Joshua S. Goodman

In Defense of Snow Days: Absences When School is in Session Are Much Larger Problem
March 26, 2015
Education Next | By Joshua Goodman

For-Profit Colleges: Here to Stay
April 3, 2015
The Atlantic | Discusses research by David Deming (Faculty and Ph.D. '10), Claudia Goldin, and Lawrence Katz on earnings outcomes

First-Generation Students Unite
April 8, 2015
The New York Times
Anthony Abraham Jack, Ph.D. candidate in Sociology 

College for the Masses
April 24, 2015
The New York Times | Joshua S. Goodman, Robert Putnam

The Problem With Grit
April 27, 2015
Education Week | By Jal Mehta 

State Takeover Gives Lawrence, Mass. School District a Fresh Start
May 5, 2015
Education Week | Beth Schueler (Ed.D. candidate), Joshua S. Goodman, David Deming

Houston's Learning Curve: It’s one of the most diverse, one of the poorest, and one of the best public school systems in the country. But there’s still a lot of work to do.
May 21, 2015
Politico Magazine | Ruth López Turley (Ph.D. '01)

Ensuring College Affordability: What Research Tells Us about Barriers and Potential Solutions
June 3, 2015
Congressional testimony | Testimony of Judith Scott-Clayton (Ph.D. '09) before the  U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions. Full committee hearing on Reauthorizing the Higher Education Act. 

Are remedial courses actually hurting community college students?
June 10, 2015
Washington Post | Judy Scott-Clayton (Ph.D. '09). See also Inside Higher Ed, which reported a week later that ACT was phasing out its version of a similar placement test, due in part to the limitations revealed in the research by Scott-Clayton and colleagues.

Another Wrinkle in College Choice: The Influence of Older Siblings
June 23, 2015
Chronicle of Higher Education | Q&A with Joshua S. Goodman. Article requires subscription, but the original study is available here►

Health care and health policy

Has Health Law Helped Young People Get Mental Health Treatment? Maybe
August 15, 2014
National Public Radio | Brendan Saloner (Ph.D. '12).

It’s Easier to Measure the Cost of Health Care than Its Value
November 18, 2014
Harvard Business Review | by Dana Goldman (USC), Amitabh Chandra, and Darius Lakdawalla (USC)

Why a Supreme Court Decision to Restrict Health Reform Subsidies Would Backfire on Republicans
February 1, 2015
Scholars Strategy Network | By Theda Skocpol and Lawrence R. Jacobs (University of Minnesota)

Who's Afraid of a Health-Care Ruling?
February 20, 2015
The Atlantic | By Theda Skocpol

In Forecasting Health Costs, Let Technology Be Your Guide
March 9, 2015
The New York Times | Amitabh Chandra

Filling the Gaps in Preventative Care Services for Adults
April 28, 2015
JAMA | Coverage of Ryan T. Moore's (Ph.D. '08) 'vote and vax' research, originally published in the Journal of Public Health.

With Sickest Patients, Cost Sharing Comes at a Price
May 4, 2015
The New York Times | Amitabh Chandra

The Veiled Economics of Employee Cost-sharing
May 4, 2015
JAMA Internal Medicine | By Katherine Baicker (HSPH) and Amitabh Chandra

A Turning Point for Health Care—and its G.O.P. Opponents

June 25, 2015
The New York Times | By Theda Skocpol and Lawrence R. Jacobs

The politics of inequality and social policy

How Sweden fights inequality—without soaking the rich
October 8, 2014
Vox | By Cathie Jo Martin (Boston University) and Alexander Hertel-Fernandez (Ph.D. candidate in Government & Social Policy)

How ALEC helped undermine public unions
Dec 17, 2014
Washington Post | By Alexander Hertel-Fernandez, Ph.D. candidate in Government & Social Policy.

53 Historians Weigh In on Barack Obama's Legacy
January 15, 2015
New York Magazine | Theda Skocpol

Why Judges Tilt to the Right
January 31, 2015
The New York Times | Maya Sen

Why U.S. Conservatives Shape Legislation across 50 States Much More Effectively than Liberals
April 1, 2015
Scholars Strategy Network | By Alexander Hertel-Fernandez (Ph.D. candidate in Government & Social Policy) and Theda Skocpol

Americans Love Paying Taxes
April 15, 2015
The Atlantic | By Vanessa Williamson, Ph.D. candidate in Government & Social Policy.

The Politics of Fear: What the British election says about how parties win elections in a climate of slow growth
May 10, 2015
Washington Post | By Peter A. Hall

Is your boss influencing your political views?
May 14, 2015
MSNBC | Alex Hertel-Fernandez, Ph.D. candidate in Government & Social Policy, joins a conversation with host Dorian Warren about his latest research findings and what they mean for workers' rights and the political will of America's poor and working classes.

Your boss wants to control your vote: The real reason to fear corporate power
June 7, 2015
Salon | Discussion of findings by Alexander Hertel-Fernandez, Ph.D. candidate in Government & Social Policy, on the political mobilization of workers by employers.

Voting and political participation

The Mystery of Lower Voter Registration for Older Black Voters
February 13, 2015
The New York Times | Ryan Enos, James Feigenbaum (Ph.D. candidate in Economics), Bernard Fraga (Ph.D. '13)

New evidence shows election officials are biased against Latino voters
February 18, 2015
Washington Post | By Ariel White, Noah Nathan, and Julie Faller (Ph.D. candidates in Government)

Think Our Voting System is Color Blind? Think Again.
February 27, 2015
WNYC: The Take Away | With guest Ariel White, Ph.D. candidate in Government.

Crunching the numbers on voting rights in America
March 27, 2015
Harvard Magazine | Maya Sen, Bernard Fraga (Ph.D. '13)

When Campaign Volunteers Do More Harm than Good
May 11, 2015
Pacific Standard | Discussion of findings from Ryan Enos's research with Eitan Hersh (Yale), "Party Activists as Campaign Managers", which appears in the American Political Science Review.

What makes field organizers effective? Being like the people they want to persuade
May 21, 2015
Washington Post | Eitan Hersh (Yale) discusses study co-authored with Ryan Enos (Harvard).


New and noteworthy

2015 Early Career Award for Inequality, Poverty, and Mobility
June 23, 2015
Awardee | Patrick Sharkey (Ph.D. '07) 

Michèle Lamont elected 108th president of American Sociological Association
June 16, 2015
ASA News | Michèle Lamont

Queenie Zhu receives ASA Sociology of Education Outstanding Graduate Student Paper award
July 9, 2015
Awardee | Queenie Zhu, Ph.D. candidate in Sociology & Social Policy.

Career awards
and honors

William Julius Wilson awarded W.E.B. Du Bois Distinguished Career of Scholarship Award
August 17, 2014
Awardee | William Julius Wilson  

2014 Early Career Award for Inequality, Poverty, and Mobility
August 17, 2014
Awardee | David J. Harding (Ph.D. '05)  

Outstanding scholarship in social demography
August 17, 2014
Awardee | Patrick Sharkey (Ph.D. '07)  

IMF names top 25 economists under 45
August 27, 2014
Awardees | Roland Fryer, Justin Wolfers (Ph.D. '01), 

Emerging scholar in political behavior
August 30, 2014
Awardee | Daniel Hopkins (Ph.D. '07) 

William Julius Wilson named to Kluge Chair in American Law and Governance
February 11, 2015
Library of Congress | William Julius Wilson

Early Career Award in Education Finance and Policy
February 28, 2015
Awardee | David Deming (Faculty, Ph.D. '10) 

Laura Tach named a 2015 William T. Grant Scholar
April 8, 2015
Awardee | Laura Tach (Ph.D. '10). The William T. Grant Foundation selects 4-6 promising early-career researchers each year in the social, behavioral, and health sciences and supports their professional development with five-year research awards.

Theda Skocpol among Cornell's newly-elected Professors-at-Large
April 8, 2015
Awardee | Theda Skocpol

Roland Fryer elected to American Academy of Arts & Sciences
April 22, 2015
Awardee | Roland Fryer

Announcing Margaret Olivia Sage Scholars
April 22, 2015
Russell Sage Foundation | Christopher Jencks, William Julius Wilson 

Roland Fryer is the 2015 John Bates Clark Medalist
April 24, 2015
Awardee | Roland Fryer. Awarded by the American Economics Association to "that American economist under the age of forty who is judged to have made the most significant contribution to economic thought and knowledge."

Claudine Gay named dean of social science
April 28, 2015
Harvard Gazette | Claudine Gay

Bruce Western elected to National Academy of Sciences
April 28, 2015
Awardee | Bruce Western. See also Harvard Gazette

Claudia Goldin elected to American Philosophical Society
May 2, 2015
Awardee | Claudia Goldin
Theda Skocpol to be awarded honorary degree by Columbia University
May 10, 2015
Awardee | Theda Skocpol

Radcliffe Fellows for 2015-2016 announced
May 14, 2015
Harvard Magazine | Devah Pager

Dissertation awards

Best dissertation award in European politics
August 30, 2014
Awardee | Amanda Garrett (Ph.D. '13)  

Best dissertation in public administration
August 30, 2014
Awardee | Viridiana Rios (Ph.D. '13) 
Jennifer Sheehy-Skeffington dissertation awarded Harvard University Richard J. Herrnstein Prize
April 27, 2015
Awardee | Jennifer Sheehy-Skeffington (Ph.D. '14)

Best dissertation prize from the American Sociological Association
June 2, 2015
Awardee | Christopher Muller (Ph.D. '14)

New books

When Movements Anchor Parties: Electoral Alignments in American History
By Daniel Schlozman (Ph.D. '11). Princeton University Press, September 2015.
Black Silent Majority: The Rockefeller Drug Laws and the Politics of Punishment
By Michael Javen Fortner (Ph.D. '10). Harvard University Press, September 2015.
Cut Loose: Jobless and Hopeless in an Unfair Economy
By Victor Tan Chen (Ph.D. '12). University of California Press, July 2015.
Schooling the Next Generation: Creating Success in Urban Elementary Schools
By Dan Zuberi (Ph.D. '04). University of Toronto Press, May 2015.
The Cultural Matrix: Understanding Black Youth
Edited by Orlando Patterson and Ethan Fosse (Ph.D. '15), eds. Harvard University Press, February 2015.

Contributors include:
Queenie Zhu, Ph.D. candidate in Sociology & Social Policy
Van C. Tran (Ph.D '11)
Josh Mitchell (Ph.D '11)
Jacqueline Rivers (Ph.D '14)
Andrew Clarkwest (Ph.D '05)
Do Facts Matter? Information and Misinformation in American Politics
By Jennifer L. Hochschild and Katherine Levine Einstein (Ph.D. '12). University of Oklahoma Press, January 2015.
It's Not Like I'm Poor: How Working Families Make Ends Meet in a Post-Welfare World
By Sarah Halpern-Meekin (Ph.D.'09), Kathryn Edin, Laura Tach (Ph.D. '10), and Jennifer Sykes (Ph.D. '11). University of California Press, Jan 2015.
Democracy, Inequality, and Corruption: Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines Compared
By Jong-sung You (Ph.D. '06). Cambridge University Press, January 2015.
Terrified: How Anti-Muslim Fringe Organizations Became Mainstream
By Christopher Bail (Ph.D. '11). Princeton University Press, December 2014.
Human Capital in History: The American Record
Leah Platt Boustan (Ph.D. '06), Carola Frydman (Ph.D. '06), and Robert A. Margo (eds.). University of Chicago Press, November 2014.
The Economics of Just about Everything
By Andrew Leigh (Ph.D. '04). Allen & Unwin, August 2014.

Book awards

Best Book in Urban Politics
May 19, 2015
Awardee | Vesla M. Weaver (Ph.D. '07)  
Three book awards for 'Trading Democracy for Justice'
August 30, 2014
Awardee | Traci Burch (Ph.D. '07)  
International policy diffusion draws three book prizes
August 30, 2014
Awardee | Katerina Linos (Ph.D. '07)  
Charles Levine Memorial prize for best book in comparative public policy
August 30, 2014
Awardee | Christopher Adolph (Ph.D. '05) 
ASA Distinguished Scholarly Book Award
August 17, 2014
Awardee | Robert J. Sampson

Article and paper prizes

Outstanding Paper Award in Inequality, Poverty, and Mobility
August 17, 2014
Awardee | Deirdre Bloome (Ph.D. '14)

Anthony Jack receives ASA Outstanding Paper award on Children and Youth
August 17, 2014
Awardee | Anthony Jack, Ph.D. candidate in Sociology.

Asad L. Asad receives ASA student paper award in Environment and Technology
August 20, 2014
Awardee | Asad L. Asad, Ph.D. candidate in Sociology. 

Economics of crime prize
October 7, 2014
Awardee | Aurélie Ouss (Ph.D. '13) 

American Journal of Sociology Announces 2014 Gould Prize Winner
December 29, 2014
Awardee | Christopher Muller (Ph.D. '14)

MPSA Lucius Barker Award for best paper in race or ethnicity and politics
January 20, 2015
Awardee | Bernard L. Fraga (Ph.D. '13) 

Dan Honig a winner in Global Development Network competition for top new ideas in development assistance
January 22, 2015
Awardee | Daniel Honig, Ph.D. candidate in Public Policy (Ph.D ’15)

Anthony A. Jack receives Eastern Sociological Society's Charles V. Willie Award
February 28, 2015
Awardee | Anthony A. Jack, Ph.D. candidate in Sociology 

Sarah Glatte awarded MPSA prize for best paper on women and politics
April 13, 2015
Midwest Political Science Association | Sarah Glatte, Malcolm Wiener Center Visiting Ph.D. fellow from Oxford University (spring 2014).

Alix Winter and Matthew Clair recipients of SSSP law and aociety paper award
April 21, 2015
Awardees | Alix S. Winter (Ph.D. student in Sociology & Social Policy) and Matthew Clair (Ph.D. student in Sociology)

Anthony A. Jack awarded SSSP paper prize in education
May 13, 2015
Awardee | Anthony A . Jack, Ph.D. candidate in Sociology 

Jessica Simes awarded SSSP paper prize in crime research
May 19, 2015
Awardee | Jessica Simes, Ph.D. candidate in Sociology

People in the spotlight

The Very Different Politician—Andrew Leigh
September 6, 2014
Australian Financial Review
Andrew Leigh (Ph.D. '04)

Citizen Scholars: The Scholars Strategy Network
October 1, 2014
Harvard Magazine
Theda Skocpol

The Caribbean Zola
November 15, 2014
Harvard Magazine
Orlando Patterson

Delight in Discovery
December 1, 2014
University of Chicago Magazine
Claudia Goldin

Putting ideas into action
January 1, 2015
Washington Post
Thad Williamson (Ph.D. '04) is leading a comprehensive poverty-reduction effort for Richmond, Virginia, as the first director of the Mayor's Office of Community Wealth Building.

It Comes with the Territory
February 1, 2015
GSAS Bulletin
How Blythe George, Ph.D. student in Sociology & Social Policy,  plans to influence public policy related to Native American reservations.

First-Generation Students Unite
April 8, 2015
The New York Times
Anthony Abraham Jack, Ph.D. candidate in Sociology 

'I don't go to lawyers': Professor Sara Sternberg Greene examines the inaction gap
April 16, 2015
Duke Law Magazine
Sara Sternberg Greene (Ph.D. '14). 
► The research discussed in this article, "Race, Class, and Access to Civil Justice," is available via SSRN.

The New Movers and Shakers: Mexico and its NGOs

May 2, 2015
The Economist
Viridiana Rios (Ph.D. '13)

The New Empiricists
May 4, 2015
Harvard Law Bulletin
Crystal Yang (HLS faculty & Ph.D '13)

Congratulations, new Ph.D.'s!
May 28, 2015
Sixteen Inequality & Social Policy doctoral fellows receive their Ph.D's. See what's next for these grads.
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